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Sunday, February 24, 2013

God's Ways

Tenderly the tiny dew drops are falling  from the bright blue sky
And resting ever peacefully over the greenery we have passed by
Softer than the sunlight that is filtering across the bright blue
Is the whisper of the wind  echoing God's morning "I love you"

Every stone that is nestled securely across the waking earth
Is crying out to everyone passing: "God will give us all rebirth"
In an instant of great surrendering and beneath a lunar glow
Souls will be awakened to a wisdom that angels already know

Sometimes the Almighty is whispering to the most unlikely one
The mysteries of His kingdom and how His healing work will be done.
For it is not by rank or fortune or by some  silly popularity poll
That the Eternal selects those chosen to assume the messenger role

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