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Monday, February 25, 2013

Evidence of Eternal Care

Can you hear the whispers of the universe filling up the skies
Gently she is waking up; her beauty echoes through her sighs
Casually a morning dove is starting off the day with her song
And creation joins her efforts: as they rise, they sing along.

Stretching up towards the Heavens; a flower lets out her fragile voice
Millions of little insects gather round and together they rejoice
The appearance of the morning star stirs up such a fervent sound
That the universe emerges like a symphony and music is all around.

Everywhere we can gaze at we can see evidence of Eternal Care
From the tiniest little creatures to the trees growing everywhere
WE are in the hands of The Omnipotent; Who dwells within you and me
The creator, who holds all time and space, joins us all in Mystery

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