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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Every moment has its blessing

The evening sky is darkened by the coming of the night
Yet there is so much beauty and so much that gives us delight
The stars with all their wonder and the moon with all her glow
Speak to us of mysteries that we should always desire to know.

Cooler breezes are whispering about the secrets of the night
Calmer winds are humming with the angels who bring us light.
Nocturnal creatures are scampering and doing what they always do
While part of the world is sleeping another is waking up, it's true.

Every moment of our being and every second that we can breathe
Carries to us the  blessings we can reject or we can  receive
Everything is left to us freely and freely it will always remain
We can choose to cherish life's blessings or from it all abstain

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