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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Calling all earth angels

Tender-hearted people are what we are needing in our world today
For there are so many people who are struggling along life's way
People who've been badly broken and people who are needing a friend
Would you become that type of person upon whom the angels can depend?

It takes a very special being to accept this noble and needed part
To be the one who will always reach out and heal the broken heart
To seek for nothing more than relieving another from his or her pain
This is the call of the earth angel who isn't seeking for any type of gain.

Around us without any recognition an  army of angels is on the roll
Seeking for generous spirits who'll join them in their ranks here below
Without promising fame or fortune these angels are  now seeking to hire
Souls who are willing to deliver what the wounded ones so need and desire.

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