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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Getting ready for Eternity

The morning star has risen and the day has now begun
Countless tiny seconds are now evolving one by one
Each of them sent forth from the Omnipotent One Divine
They wait for us to make of them an inspirational shrine

Taking every moment and every minute of our busy day
Angels are collecting the output we send along the way
Carefully utilizing everything we will say or do
Angels create our  mansion with what  we're sending  through

Waste not therefore a second or let minutes pass you by
Without considering how each moment is lifted way up high
To rest within the presence of an ever good and loving God
Who will take us to Himself when the last path we have trod.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Every moment has its blessing

The evening sky is darkened by the coming of the night
Yet there is so much beauty and so much that gives us delight
The stars with all their wonder and the moon with all her glow
Speak to us of mysteries that we should always desire to know.

Cooler breezes are whispering about the secrets of the night
Calmer winds are humming with the angels who bring us light.
Nocturnal creatures are scampering and doing what they always do
While part of the world is sleeping another is waking up, it's true.

Every moment of our being and every second that we can breathe
Carries to us the  blessings we can reject or we can  receive
Everything is left to us freely and freely it will always remain
We can choose to cherish life's blessings or from it all abstain

You never knew me...

When you think of all the time we spent living side by side
you would think somehow you'd know how many times I cried
But you were completely clueless and so oblivious to my pain
That you failed to understand how much I sacrificed to remain

And when the pain became unbearable too much for me to hide
I planned for my departure while I nursed my wounds inside
No one ever really realized the trauma I had been through
For I kept my secrets hidden and even hid them all from you.

People round me thought me to be lucky and so very very blessed
Yet, they never knew of my sufferings or of my brokenness
Rather they thought me to be happy and so very full of love
While all the time I'd been praying for some guidance from Above.

I wished I could have told you sooner and shared with you my pain
But I loved you too much to tell you and chose rather to abstain
For you  were thinking that I was so selfish and never caring at all
But caring was all I ever did do since I was a child so small..

Someone's birthday today

Today there is a great celebration in the heavenly portals above
For we're calling to mind a person  sent to earth with care and love
Angels are dancing with reverence and are inviting everyone to sing
Birthday blessings,  love and honor for you, sweet jewel of the King.

With great wisdom and discernment God Almighty sent you, my dear
Without hesitating for even a moment;  with one Breath He sent you here
You have been a light for so many and have given of yourself so much
Your presence and all of your kindness have graced all with your touch

Hoping that this day will be one of  happiness and one of love sincere
You are such a very special person  and treasured by this writer here.
If I could  find a million lyrics and  if a million words could be found
They'd  fail to capture the beauty that you share whenever you're around.

Happy Birthday..may it be a truly blessed day...thanks for all you do.

Like diamonds from Heaven

There are tiny little droplets dancing around today
Each one them singing of beauty and hope along the way.
And though the Heavens dropped them they carry so much peace
Everything that they're touching moves around with greater ease

Like diamonds from the Heavens raindrops decorate the earth
They're sparkling little gems that remind us of rebirth
Carefully watering seedlings and dousing the majestic tree
Every downpour of the rain carries so much mystery.

Next time the sky is darkened and there is a little shower
Consider how many blessings can take place in just one hour
Plants and trees are nourished; and springs and rivers grow:
Nothing remains untouched when these droplets start to flow.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Once we are quiet

Though we try to mask the way we feel
And dress ourselves in ways unreal
We cannot change what's deep within
For we find ourselves again and again

Sometimes we try with all our our noise
To silence the sound of His dear voice
And while we're trying to avoid our being
We cling to what obstructs our seeing

Before the Creator we'll stand unmasked
And find our answers before we've asked
Nothing will matter of what's displayed
What's inside us will be on parade.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Wounds that don't go away

The sting of every one of your words are still piercing to my heart
And because of this I  hold  a wound that wont ever more depart
A portion of  me seems like it's dying and yet I'm still alive
You continue on in your carelessness and I struggle to survive.

My face is dampened daily by tears that I have had to freely shed
I look inside the mirror and see someone I've learned to dread
You've taken away my dignity and the confidence I should have had
No one ever seems to stop your nonsense: despite you being so bad

I hope one day to recover enough that I'll no longer have to see
Your awfulness and hatefulness parading across my memory
Until then I'll keep on struggling with the wound I got from you:
I hope someday you'll see  yourself  and change the things you do.

Evidence of Eternal Care

Can you hear the whispers of the universe filling up the skies
Gently she is waking up; her beauty echoes through her sighs
Casually a morning dove is starting off the day with her song
And creation joins her efforts: as they rise, they sing along.

Stretching up towards the Heavens; a flower lets out her fragile voice
Millions of little insects gather round and together they rejoice
The appearance of the morning star stirs up such a fervent sound
That the universe emerges like a symphony and music is all around.

Everywhere we can gaze at we can see evidence of Eternal Care
From the tiniest little creatures to the trees growing everywhere
WE are in the hands of The Omnipotent; Who dwells within you and me
The creator, who holds all time and space, joins us all in Mystery

Sunday, February 24, 2013

God's Ways

Tenderly the tiny dew drops are falling  from the bright blue sky
And resting ever peacefully over the greenery we have passed by
Softer than the sunlight that is filtering across the bright blue
Is the whisper of the wind  echoing God's morning "I love you"

Every stone that is nestled securely across the waking earth
Is crying out to everyone passing: "God will give us all rebirth"
In an instant of great surrendering and beneath a lunar glow
Souls will be awakened to a wisdom that angels already know

Sometimes the Almighty is whispering to the most unlikely one
The mysteries of His kingdom and how His healing work will be done.
For it is not by rank or fortune or by some  silly popularity poll
That the Eternal selects those chosen to assume the messenger role

Because I kept it quiet

Because I kept my sufferings silent: my wounds, they grew and grew
Not knowing that keeping them  inside was the worst thing I could do
So I went through life pretending that things were all okay
Till something tragic happened and my walls fell down right away.

Tears that I had stored up gradually and packed away inside
Rushed out like raging waters that carried everything outside
And those who saw me weeping and uptight over things long passed.
Began to question  my sanity: wondering how long things would last.

I tried to explain the happenings that unveiled the things inside
But I failed to understand them completely and so I cried and cried
To counseling I carried my brokenness where I could finally become free
From things that kept me hiding and prohibited me from being me.

For all those still outside there hiding from your secret world of the past
I suggest you don't stay there indefinitely:  for secrets never last
In ways  one can never plan for and in places one can never foresee
Something tragic will  suddenly happen and the hidden will no longer be

It's better to take care of a wound while it's fresh and not so deep
For it becomes more and more a part of you the longer its allowed to sleep.
Don't worry about  the opinionated  who will say  that therapy's something bad
For those who have known its healing,  will tell you: having it makes you glad

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sometimes I feel like crying

Sometimes I feel like crying and letting all the teardrops fall
Some things become so burdensome that words can't suffice at all
Flowing like a  river that is carrying all the hurts away
Teardrops are the streams that flow between today and yesterday

Think me not so pitiful if these tiny portals should overflow
Through them exits the painful stuff that needs to be let go
Crying's so refreshing because once the toxin has been released
Clarity can be acquired and stress levels can be  decreased

Whatsoever you do to the least

(matthew 25:40)

I didn't come here seeking for any of your hidden treasure
My heart has always been open to everyone without measure
yet there has been a few who have greatly misjudged me so
Making me out to be somebody I couldn't even begin to know

Yes I'm a fragile being seeking respite for just a  while
A kindly word would do me and perhaps  a tiny little smile
Not asking much from you but a simple how do you do
This is all I'm really needing whenever I am passing through.

Have you even noticed me on your streets as you were walking today
I'm that person you may have glared at before you walked away
DOn't you know that I have feelings and needs just like you do
Would acknowledging me be too much to have ever asked of you

I might be the homeless one struggling or someone who's needing care
Would you take the time to discover Me as I 'm walking everywhere.
I've come to you disguised in so many people that you have met today
Would you have responded differently knowing it was Me all along the way?


Betrayal is a most painful sting
Experiencing it is a dreadful thing
Trusting is suddenly all undone
Secrets  are compromised one by one

Promises made but  never are kept
Friends become  reasons hearts have wept
Clouds and darkness cover the light
Betrayal transforms the day into  night

If ever you should come to feel this way
And lack the courage for the day
Reach out in faith to our God above
He's always faithful, He's always love

Friday, February 22, 2013

If we could really see

There's beauty in each person and if we would try to see:
We would discover so much wonder and so much mystery
Every being is a masterpiece God's created out of love
Take some time to appreciate each blessing from above

What appears to be a weakness may not be so in God's eyes
For He sees all that has happened, the many little tries
We judge so very quickly but God's patient with His time
He allows us time to discover our own path to what's Sublime

Listen to your own heartbeat for a little bit every day
And consider what depth of wisdom has created it to be this way
A tiny little organ with so much responsability
Reminds us of the greatness behind  things we cannot see

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Jesus saved you

(dedicated to Chris Keith
survivor of a tragedy)
Just a child without a foe
So much hurt you came to know
Lost your family not your Friend
Jesus saved you in the end
Now you're reaching out to all;
Touching lives: great and small
Testifying without an end:
Jesus saves and is Your Friend
When the tempest round you blow
And your spirit's feeling low
Remember always this my friend:
Jesus loves without an end.

"Becoming Sons & Daughters" Trailer from Christ In Youth on Vimeo.

My response to The Divine in everything

What words can I use to describe the wonder that I feel
What phrase can ever encircle all this beauty that is real
Surrounded by God's Creation, my heart just wants to sing
And  my poetry is my response to the Divine in everything

It doesn't take much wisdom to know that God is everywhere
No degree is ever required to feel and know His loving care
Just a humbleness inside you and a simplicity of soul
Will open up  Heaven's portals and reveal our truest Goal.

Day after day I attempt to give some words to my inner song
Everything that is within me wants to share how I get along.
So I break out with all these phrases that can never be held by time
And invite the faithful reader to know me through all my rhyme.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Have you noticed?

Have you listened to the morning dove? She's singing just for you.
Have you noticed as the robin sings?  It's  beautiful, isn't it true?
The morning is so surrounded by the music that is so Divine
That listening to it makes you feel like you're inside a sacred shrine.

Have you gazed upon the rising sun as it's shining before your  eyes?
Or, stumbled upon a waking seedling, emerging  from where it lies?
So much wisdom and wonder are transformed, into the hours of  every day:
That it is shameful not to stop and notice the mystery along the way

Take some time out every day to look at the world that's all around you
Search for the secrets hidden inside the moments you keep passing through
For deep inside the simplest forms are the mightiest echoes from above
Everything can and will cry out that "we're here only because of Love"

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I feel the breath of God

I feel the breath of God moving within my fragile  soul
His voice is ever echoing that Heaven's my only goal
For deep inside my being while all is calm and still
The Infinite writes His secrets and motivates my will.

Without the sound of speaking He talks to me within
The Almighty gives me everything I need to finally begin
Writing down His messages and sharing them out to all
The Eternal One is loving and protects the great and small

If you ever come to doubting the existence of the Divine
Spend some time reflecting within your  inner shrine
For you will come to realize that nothing can ever be
Without the Eternal One wanting it from all of Eternity.

Monday, February 18, 2013

There is always beauty

Outside there is a blue sky stretched out before my eyes
The sun is shining brightly, not a cloud is in the skies
Trees are showing signs that the spring is in the air
Different shades of green start to appear everywhere.

Since I have overslept I have missed the morning song
But there is so much beauty that is around me all day long
The crispness of the air or the chirping of some birds
Always inspires my heart to create some rhyming words.

I go forth into this day with a song inside my heart
And am wishing for everyone this blessing as they start
To pass through all the hours that make up this new day
In such a way they find beauty in all that comes their way.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

The mysteries before us

Mysteries are opening up before us each and every day
But only we can decide if we'll learn from their simple way
For they speak in tiny whispers and come in a great guise
They're ready to reveal secrets about how to become wise.

Hiding within the universe and yet everywhere they're seen
Life's simplest answers are crying out through a filtered screen
Looking through the forest or in everything that is around
We can discover answers that we thought could never be found.

They speak to us through flowers and motion through the trees
The mighty ocean is roaring out with directions no one ever sees
For all of life's simplest mysteries are coming to us one by one
But only those who are observant will see them before they run.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Beautiful big snowflakes

Beautiful big snowflakes are falling to the ground
And are speaking of Heaven without  any sound
How gently they grace us with their purity so white
They're  sweet and they're frosty and cause us delight.

Together they're falling and creating for us all
A masterpiece most wonderful: a scene to recall
Each of them disappearing and blending with time
In order to delight us with some  words for our rhyme

Such were the blessings that came by us today
Puffy white crystals that were whispering to say
That God is so present in everything  that is pure
And if you're able to see this you are His for sure

Listen inside you

Quiet your mind now and let it be still
Listen intently with your heart and your will
For whispering so gently in beautiful ways
Is the Creator, the Maker and Keeper of days

Softly He's tugging and calling out your name
Inviting and challenging yet ever the same
Voicing His wishes but leaving you free
The Almighty has plans and wants you to see.

If you have been busy, arrange some free time
Listen inside you and pay heed to this rhyme
For in silence and whispers and without any noise
You'll hear deep inside you the Eternal One's voice

Friday, February 15, 2013

All around us

The early hours open up and start off a brand new day
Creatures of the universe rise and ready for their play
All around us, the world outside, is reaching for God above
Come and see what God has done this morning with His love.

Little plants are singing songs that others will join to sing
Breezes are whispering all around that God is in everything
Fluffy clouds are beginning to form and float across the sky.
How wonderful it is that God should care so much for  you and I

Every moment of our every day is a testament of the Eternal One
All the beauty that we can see tells us that He'll never  be outdone
We have so much around us all to lift our hearts and spirits  high
Our God is everywhere with His love and this we can't ever deny.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Like the air we breathe...

Outside a crow is singing away even though he is a bit off key
Sparrows and robins join in with him and create some harmony
Whispering sounds of passing cars mix in with all the song
Creation has started a melody that we can join in all day long

Taking the time to listen and hear the sweetness of all the earth
Is something that we have all been programmed for from our very birth
For inside our being we have a way to reach into the things Divine
And can gather from every moment the stuff we need to make a shrine

Nothing beautiful should pass us by without creating some twinkle within
For everything good is a breath from God, which we inhale again and again
Like the air we breathe in to live the goodness of God that's all around
Is something we need to survive this life; that's why its everywhere found

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Falling from my eyes

Tears are falling from my eyes
Outward signs of inward sighs
Words unspoken: seen by you
Painful memories passing through

Would that I could keep away
All the hurt from yesterday
But it comes again and again:
Tears apart the peace within.

Hope you judge me not today
While  the trauma's on display
For the things I think and say
Won't be norm for every day.

With tenderness and compassion

With Tenderness and compassion let us pass through our day
Reaching out whenever possible to others along the way
For many are the people who are carrying deep within
Sorrows and great heartaches not knowing where to begin

It doesn't take much knowledge or wisdom that's sublime
To extend to a hurting a person a few moments of your time
Sometimes it will suffice just to tell someone  you care
At others times it will require that you be more present there

Caring about the other person: going beyond the comfort zone
Is never an obligation but something you will undertake on your own
So choose your pathway wisely for each road will have an end
And blessed will you be if you've been for all a true friend.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The melody of the morning

The morning is awaking and the sun is on the way
Birds have begun singing to welcome the new day
Beautiful the colors that dance around us all here
Dawn brings her fragrances, her beauty draws near.

Gentle the breezes that are whispering  "arise"
Golden the sunbeams that dance through the skies
Quiet the insects that are scampering around
The universe is encouraging us with musical sound.

Listen to everything that is moving around
Look for the mystery that is waiting to be found
Feel with your  spirit the  touch of God's love
Let the movement of creation  lift your soul above

Monday, February 11, 2013

What she didn't tell

Tears were running down her face
Over memories she could not erase
Broken places and broken times
Fueled her emotions and her rhymes

People glanced and wondered why
But no one ever ventured in to  try
To collect those droplets falling down
instead they left her alone in town.

Wandering about inside her mind
Secrets that no one could find
Until she let them all outside
no one knew what was deep inside

Then one day her deep mystery
Was all revealed and all did see.
Many were awed, others amazed
At what she held in for so many days.

A message remains for you today
Never assume anything along the way
For what appears just might not be
And what is not is what you'll see.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little visits from Heaven

The angels, they are singing, at the start of this new day
They carry within their beings the illumination for our way
They come to us commissioned as  ambassadors of  God's grace
No one can ever prevent them from entering into our space.

Though they carry to us His messages with tenderness and love
We won't ever be forced to accept them, these invites from above
So while they are proclaiming what our God would have us to hear
The angels watch our responses before they finally disappear.

Sometimes if we're misbehaving way too much for our own good
These heavenly beings will warn us to act like we know we should
Yet that is all they'll do, for they'll never  force us to change our way
We are the ones responsible for what we've done throughout the day.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Moments and seconds are waiting

Listen to the wind whispering as she begins to move around
Warnings of troubling weather in our nation begin to sound
Yet nothing is ever happening that the Almighty doesn't see
In every storm that's occurring is a message from His Majesty.

Those who trust in the Almighty making Him their dearest friend
May pass through  troubling moments but will be safe in the end
Those who are ignoring His promptings and choosing  to walk away
Will be the ones who are struggling with the dawning of the day

God is ever and always present in every moment that comes to be
But not everyone is aware of this; and not everyone wants to see
Some have chosen their blindness and others are blind from birth
The former will be the struggling,  the latter the leaders on earth.

We have so many gifts before us with each  day that starting anew
Moments and seconds are waiting with pathways we can walk through
We are the main deciders in every decision that we will create
In the end we are rewarded for the actions we've chosen to take.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Am I the one who needs to change?

Am I not normal, is there something in me that you are thinking is not okay? 
Why are you staring so much? Do you not know I cannot help that I am  this way?
I know you might be perfect and that what you see in me doesn't seem so right
But I know  you would see differently, if you would just take a step into the light.

Do I seem so broken, do I look like someone you would never want to be around?
Are you aware of your expressions: and how many people have been stung by their sound?
You may feel  that you're justified, in your manner of passing judgement on almost everyone
But, don't you know that we all will have our judgement, when our time on earth is done?

Would you just pause a moment and consider why it is you feel you should be gossiping?
What gives you the qualifications to be the expert advisor on just about everything?
Have you never stopped to think about how you have succeeded in making other people feel
Is it not time to come down from your loftiness and live in the world that is truly real?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Calling all earth angels

Tender-hearted people are what we are needing in our world today
For there are so many people who are struggling along life's way
People who've been badly broken and people who are needing a friend
Would you become that type of person upon whom the angels can depend?

It takes a very special being to accept this noble and needed part
To be the one who will always reach out and heal the broken heart
To seek for nothing more than relieving another from his or her pain
This is the call of the earth angel who isn't seeking for any type of gain.

Around us without any recognition an  army of angels is on the roll
Seeking for generous spirits who'll join them in their ranks here below
Without promising fame or fortune these angels are  now seeking to hire
Souls who are willing to deliver what the wounded ones so need and desire.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

To you, dear broken one

You said to me that you are hurting and that you cannot take it anymore
You have sought for inner healing but can't find what you're looking for
The pain has gone  beyond the present and has left you in such a place
That you've given up on all hoping and are in danger of doubting God's grace.

It seems to me that your memories keep on flooding into your  day
Whenever you're wanting some happiness your doubts keeps pushing it away
Your stuck inside some time warp that cannot be reached from anyone outside
So you're needing to take your brokenness to the Eternal One Who's Inside

Yes I know that you've been doubting Him and can't bring yourself to believe
you feel that He's abandoned you to every hurt that you have had to receive
Put aside for a moment that brokenness and, if you will, just earnestly try
To present yourself to the Creator of all; and let Him see you weep and cry.

Hold nothing back about how you feel and let Him see your every tear
Tell Him of everything that has hurt you so, expose to Him your every fear
Set no limits on what you'll say and put no limits on your amount of time
For God has been waiting for you dear one, He has inspired this rhyme.

The rythmn of our day

The early morning sunshine is dancing sweetly on my face
Birds from every genre are harmonizing with God's grace
Precious the sound of rising, mother nature chooses to share
All the universe is awaking and God's presence is everywhere.

While the world is rushing, mother nature's taking her time
She's encouraging  all of creation to take notice of her rhyme
She doesn't speed through motions or act with thoughtlessness
The rythm that she is setting will end with  peacefulness

Let us begin our morning risings with the waking of  the dawn
And as the wind is whispering let us put all our attitudes on
Will they become ones of rushing or will they be ones of peace?
Our day will become an echo of what our morning ticker sees

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All the beauty emerging

I am a lover of such things like the earth and the sky
I love all the flowers that I happen to pass by
The grass that is green and the leaves on the ground
Hold on to my attention whenever I am around.

Clouds that are puffy and the mean ones that are gray
Delight me so much that I want to write right away
Creatures and insects, both the great ones and the small
Tug at my heart strings and that isn't all.

Plants in their green-ness and trees with their reach
Speak to me softly with the intention to teach
All elements of the universe and the waters that fall
Remind me of the Greatness of the Creator of all.

I don't want to keep this all secret inside
So I'm inviting you to explore with me the universe outside
To listen intently and to see with your eyes
All the beauty emerging from the earth and the skies.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The quiet has things to say

The world is so full of people, people who are needing love and care
Yet how often do we stop to notice them, notice them anywhere?
We are so wrapped up in all our doings and the places we have to be
That we often miss out on helping the people we so often fail to see

Yes, we have our obligations and our days are unrealistically full
To get hold of our busy attention our own families have to tug and pull
Yet this is the world we're living in,  "it"  has  created for us this race
We cannot even discover things that are literally in front of our face.

So what is the answer to this dilema this plague we find ourselves in
How do we stop all of this nonsense and let something new in us begin
It would take a major overhauling and an examination of all we do
Letting go of some of that extra stuff might be necessary, this is true.

For no one can be in every place and no one can be doing everything
Sometimes we have to say "enough" to our extracurricular scheduling.
It isn't  absolutely necessary:  all this stuff we are doing with our day
What is wrong with slowing down a little? The quiet has things to say..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Which way will we go?

Somehow, we've come to believe that true greatness is "way out there"
That for us to have some title, we cannot be discovered everywhere
For we have to have our boundaries and our limits on how we talk
We cannot be found with  commoners and must have grandeur in our walk

Yet, isn't it quite amazing what we've come to accept and to believe
We've embraced society's quota, allowed the media to rule and deceive
Somehow some group of them and they, some people we'll never know
Can tell us what's the most popular and the very best places to go.

But, if we would maintain our truest self and follow what's deep within
We may find out that what's  most popular is not where we should begin
For the path of purest righteousness approved by the Almighty above
Will never be the most popular or the one that others are dreaming of.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Every dawn has a message

After the night has passed us and the morning sun does rise
A glow like none other reaches out across our skies
Colored by the beauty that is radiated  from the sun
Every dawn holds a message from the Almighty to everyone

If we are truly silent and if we are open enough to see
We'll hear the voice of the Almighty whispering carefully
Through the wind He will call us and touch us from above
He splash through every morning and display to us His love

Every day we simply start out with our ever familiar routine
But wouldn't it be just wondeful if we could change that scene
And not rush through every moment without a single glance
Towards the universe around us: that's aglow with creation's dance

It's time to let go

Weeping through the night I found that I couldn't sleep
For many painful memories had me inside a cavern  deep
No one could take them from me; for they were all inside
Until there came an angel who carried them all outside.

"Its okay" she whispered, "to weep and to feel your pain;
But, drowning in such sorrow,is no way for you to remain
So let us take these problems and let us send them all away
They've done you so much damage, don't allow them time to stay.

I kept on holding to them even though they had hurt me so
But my angel motioned and shouted "it's time to let them go"
It wasn't an easy moment though it really should have been
For I had become too attached to the awful state I was in.

Healing's never an easy thing for it often demands a price
Letting go of all that's hurtful can be such a sacrifice
For we might be fearful of freedom or what can possibly be
But if we're willing to let go a new era we will come to see.

Friday, February 1, 2013

You were not really my friend

I trusted in your friendship but you were leading me around
And I didn't even realize that you weren't a friend to be found
But rather someone who was looking for another soul to hurt
Would that I had known it sooner, I wouldn't feel like dirt

Instead I went on believing all the promises  you would make
I didn't have the ability to know  it would be a big mistake
Until you broke me down and left me struggling in despair
I couldn't understand it but I was trembling everywhere

Where was that friend I trusted and surrendered secrets to
Where was that one who said  to me I'll always be here for you?
Why was it I accepted your friendship and was so quick to believe
How is it you keep on hurting others and continue to deceive?

We will always be alright

There's a grey sky out this morning and it hides our morning star
Yet we know that the sun keeps shining and it warms us where we are
We keep on going through the darkness though we cannot see the light
For we know within our being that everything will be alright.

We can hear the birds, they're singing, and brightening up our day
If we listen we can hear them teaching: everything will be okay
Be not fearful of the thunder or of the darkness that's like night
For it is good to keep on hoping for everything will be alright.

There are days that are quite dismal and some days that are not
But we mustn't get discouraged whenever rain is all we got
For life is always moving and there'll be darkness and the light
Hope will keep us remembering that everything will be alright.

All creation is gently whispering have you listened well today
Do you know what they've been teaching, listened to all they say?
Life is wonderfully evolving and nothing's always black or white
There will always be need for adjustment but we will always be alright.