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Thursday, January 17, 2013

White blankets of snow

Chilly winds are gently singing their sweet melody of the snow
A winter wonderland will delight us with  it's powdery crystal show
Quiet creatures are off scampering to make ready for this change
HOw delightful it will be to see what mother nature can arrange.

Fluffy snowflakes from the Heavens will soon greet us without sound
As they drop to create a blanket of white substance upon the ground
The most awesome sense of mystery. this brush of white can bring
Our hearts will fill with wonder as the snow falls on everything.

There are challenges to the traveller whenever the snow does fall
But the beauty that it creates always inspires the great and small
There's  purity in its silence as it's covering the earth with care
Reminding us that every season has its treasures it wants to share.

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