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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

While the world is silent

While the world is silent and taking her nightly rest
Nocturnal creatures wander and the moon is at her best
Somber sounds rise up from all creations gentle sighs
The universe is aglow with the radiance from the skies.

Great playfulness is witnessed as the rodents freely run
And crickets sweetly play out all their melodies for everyone
Noises from the night time are so much different from the day
But this is what's so wonderful about God's creative way.

As the dawn's approaching there's restlessness in the air
Nocturnal creatures are hurrying up to find their hidden lair
Morning doves are waking up while the  blue jays gently call
Shining in the eastern skies is the most precious sight of all

How many times we've missed the "stuff" that makes up our every day?
We hurry up in all our whirl winds and take no notice along the way
So much beauty and so much awesomeness unseen by one and all
Isn't it about time we stop to notice even the tiniest flower's call?

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