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Sunday, January 27, 2013

To my Creator

You can see my brokenness and You can see me whole
You can see my potential and You can see my soul
You can see my everything; You can see  my days
You have accepted my weakness and accepted my praise

You're my inspiration and you're my final destination
You're my lasting hope and my courage in frustration
You're my every moment and You're in my every day
You're the reason that I'm living: You're the only way

You have spoken to my  being and have spoken from above
You have spoken to my brokenness and spoken of Your love
You have spoken to me in the morning and also in the night
You have spoken to me of Heaven: told me things will be alright

Because you stopped to notice me I'm awed with reverent fear
And though I am feeling unworthy; You continue to pull me near
I thought that I was so hopeless; yet you extended Your hope to me
I cannot help but wonder and pray before such infinite generosity

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