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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The temple that you are

It is not outside of you or in some place very far
That you'll find God's Temple for this is what you are
You don't have to be travelling or wearing fancy clothes
The Eternal One is within you and always very close

So whenever you are congregating and singing your Amen
You're witnessing to His Presence that's already deep within
It's not from the walls of buildings or from the polished pew
That you’re becoming united to the God inside of you.

You're already that precious palace that vessel of God's grace
You’re simply allowing God’s goodness to flow out from your space
To touch the lives of others while being touched by theirs
This is why people are gathering and vocalizing their prayers.


  1. Hello Joy,
    Early this morning way ahead of the break of day, God speaks to me about the body temple, my body. I think of myself as a spiritual being having a human experience. God in me helps me to do best about the body my spirit is housed in. Then I read your poem here and you're saying just what I'm too convicted of..Our bodies are God's temples and I feel the responsibility to take care of where He dwells to the full capacity that I can. We don't have to be in buildings to worship Our Creator, no we sure don't. I enjoy Him daily, all through the day and sometimes in the early early mornings as I did this morning...Thank you Joy, my spiritual sister and loving friend....RiRi

  2. Joy my computer has been hacked. I won't be commenting on your post. It's terrible when someone robs you of your privacy. I know God will work this problem out, it's most aggravating.. Take care Joy. I pray you continue to heal and prosper in your life and in your writings. Thank you for all the loving words you have shared with me. May the God of all creation continue to shine upon you and grant you peace. I'll remember you in my prayers and asked that you do the same for RiRi

  3. Will miss you dear RiRi.. Perhaps some day you will be back.. Blessings to you


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