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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The healing effects of blogging

(this is my own personal take on things) 

Do not think me foolish for my willingness to  write
Of things I've had to deal with and habits I must fight
For too many people out there are so foolishly misled
And believe that certain feelings are better off unsaid

So we have a world parading with unreal but happy faces
While their innner beings carry scars that no one ever erases
We're living in the time of gurus and many trains of thought
But how many really you teach you that wholeness can't be bought

Instead you're going through  videos and countless books galore
Thinking they have the answers that you've been looking for
But if that's not quite enough for your ever searching mind
There's seminars and retreats and groups that you can find

But when all is said and done and your pocket book is bare
How much  do you know yourself and the people everywhere
Has it  all been worth your while, all the things you had to buy?
Wouldn't it had been much easier to have given blogging an earnest try?

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