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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Stop thinking that way

You feel that you are not anything
and  that you have nothing in you to give
You feel that your life counts for nothing
and that you haven't even begun to live
Why keep on harboring all that awfulness
and fragility of being?
Don't you know you're truly precious,
and much more than you are seeing?

Stop listening to all those voices
that have you wallowing in your hurt
Push aside all of that nastiness
that would make you feel like dirt.
You are truly a priceless masterpiece
a singular vessel of God's love
For you the Almighty lowered the Heavens
and gave you access to things Above.

For too long you've held that brokenness
and it won't ever allow you to be
The confidant of the Eternal One
or the companion of the Trinity
For too long you've walked that journey
of painful memories and of tears
So let go of all those yesterdays
let go of all those years.


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