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Friday, January 4, 2013

Saying Goodbye

Sometimes in life, we experience change
And things will be altered and rearrange
The people in whom we were able to rely
Will begin to leave and say goodbye

Tears will fall and hearts will break
As we try to undo some apparent  mistake
Not knowing the need of our letting go
So that the void will help us grow

We will cling forever  and try to delay
The moment that takes our familiar away
Wishing and proposing, we start to cry
But the inevitable happens, we say goodbye.

Life has its moments, the good and bad
We will be happy and we will be sad
But we mustn't ever be afraid to cry
And when we must, we must say goodbye


  1. "Life has it's moments the good and the bad..we will be happy we will be sad..but we mustn't ever be afraid to cry..and when we must, we must say goodbye"...Thank you Joy

  2. you .. am a little behind with things as am healing from the flu.. you are always welcome.. hope you are well.



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