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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Let go of all those hurts now

Let go of all those hurts now, why do you keep them all inside
Don't you know that you are precious and you do not need to hide
Although you have suffered  severely and you are feeling so afraid
You don't have to keep on carrying that burden of being betrayed

You can let it all disappear now all those hurts you can toss away
For you are a brand new creation with so much potential for today
Letting go will never mean that you have totally forgotten your pain
But that you are inwardly deciding in which moment you will remain

Healing is not so much about the forgetting but it is about becoming so free
That you can look on the scars that you carry as signs of your survivability
You will become for others an inspiration a reminder of the much better day
That is waiting for every broken person that has suffered along the way


  1. Did you write that? That's amazing! Can I share that with a wonderful group of people I think would benefit from it?? It's really moved me.

  2. Hello "just me" . .yes.. all them here I have.. and you may certainly share..if you will attach my name as author .. thank you for your kind words..


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