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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Just waiting to be found

The morning sun is breaking through the clouds of the passing night
And though the air is frigid the warming rays are a welcome sight.
Distance sounds of waking up can be heard from the evergreen trees
Winter may be upon us but hope keeps whispering through the breeze.

Though the youthfulness of summer has hidden away for just a while
The springfullness of the squirrels playing can bring about a smile
And though the flowers of spring are dormant and butterflies fly no more
Winter has its own special beauty and its ours to find and to explore.

Take some time to explor  the wonderland that is stetching out before you
Listen to all the happy creatures singing and observe what they will do
So much can be learned by simply gazing on this world so vast and round
The beauty and treasures of our every day are just waiting to be found

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