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Sunday, January 13, 2013

I need time to heal

I am so broken and I am needing time to sort through all this stuff
I have seen things and been through things that have been pretty rough
I wish that I could be for you that person you are wanting me to be
But I am only starting my healing; there's so much hurt inside of me

Things have happened within my life that I can never speak out loud
The trauma that I have been through makes me afraid of any  crowd
Not having the right to speak up for so long within my journey
Leaves me struggling to express what is keeping me in  captivity.

I know someday I will be looking at things in a very different way
But right now I am still struggling; not sure of what to do or say
I thank you for all your patience and the kindness you have shown.
I appreciate that you have reached out to me while I was so alone.

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