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Saturday, January 12, 2013

I kept it all inside

I kept it all inside: all the secrets and all the tears
I couldn't let anyone see: the brokenness from so many years
So I ran for most of my life from the truth that was deep inside
I busied myself with stuff and with all the noises from outside.

It was all going so well, my little world of make believe
Everyone thought I was so great and I continued to deceive
But deep inside of my being, my emotions were all so worn
No one knew how broken I was yet the inside was utterly torn.

Finally there came a day when the enormous wall fell down
And everything I was holding within suddenly scattered around
People were truly shocked and amazed by what was  there.
So many of them left me alone and I was teetering on despair

I gathered up a remnant of courage that was deep inside my heart
And took  my brokenness to someone who could tell me where to start
There was no more time for running, or for my world of make believe
I would start embracing the truth so that my spirit could finally breathe.

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