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Monday, January 14, 2013

I can hear you as your heart breaks

Those tears that keep on falling I can see from far away
I can hear you as your heart breaks with words you cannot say
You feel that you've been orphaned  with no one left to care
But there is always someone listening; someone who is aware

I sit here in my solitude and I can hear you as you sigh.
My heart begins to tremble each time you weep and cry.
Though I've never seen or met you; your every sorrow I can feel
I will always be here to help you; for my loyalty is so real.

Whenever you're feeling lonely whenever you're needing a friend
Shout out to me through an email; I'll answer before  day's end
I'll take the time to respond to you,  I'll never ignore your cry
For I know what its like to be feeling that life is  just passing by

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