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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

How wonderfully God has blessed me

Sneaking inside my window and dancing upon my face
The beautiful rays of sunshine  alert me to God's grace
So slowly I pull back my covers and rise up to start my day
To my knees I reverently fall down and allow my soul to pray

God's beauty is all around me and gratitude is inside my heart
Everything about me envelopes me with a peace that won't depart
How wonderfully God has blessed me and given me all of His love
Every creature serves to transport me to His Heavenly portal above.

I cannot ever seem to explain it: all this wonder and awe within
Each time I gaze upon the universe sweet Heavenly melodies begin
I am completely overtaken by the tenderness of the Eternal One Divine
Who reaches out to me whenever I'm needy to calm  this poor heart of mine

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