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Friday, January 11, 2013

He wouldn't ever smile

 The little one didn't ever look up or smile and was always found alone
While everyone else would run and play he would wander off on his own
Something was wrong with the little child it was as obvious as can be
But no one ever ventured over to ask him why he was so full of misery.

Other kids would mock his silent ways and would sometimes push him down
While he was crawling to get back up, his tears would shower the ground
He never responded to their ridicule or ever spoke up when he was hurt
He simply carried himself like one who felt lower than the lowest dirt

When he got home from school each day he would run and hide with care
For he knew what was waiting on the inside  he hated going back there
An angry father with his angry words would curse him and beat him so
While his own mother would treat him like somebody she didn't even know

This would continue to happen each day until he couldn't take it any more
He packed up his belongings inside a bag and went out the living room door
It wasn't too long before the media was speaking of the boy from that place
He had lost his life while looking for shelter it was truly an awful disgrace.

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