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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All creation is crying out

Can you hear the wind, it's whispering; and blowing through the trees?
Have you ever tried to understand all of the melody inside the breeze
Have you attuned your ears to hearing what so many others cannot hear?
The universe is one great symphony and is inviting you to draw near

Every tree is reaching out to you and offering to you some shade
The flowers and plants are speaking through their beauty that's displayed
The creatures that are crawling about and  scampering here and there
Are reminding you of all the beauty that can escape you unaware.

All creation is crying out to us with its words so pure and sweet
Speaking to us of the simple things and  the wonders we could meet
Too often we are  caught up in all the rushes leading us to nowhere
So let us take the time we need to discover what's everywhere...

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