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Friday, January 25, 2013

A glimpse of Heaven

While I was in my slumber the angel entered into  my being and he spoke
He reached out in my spirit and touched every single place that was broke
Carrying to me a message from the Almighty and the Eternal One above
He reminded me that I was always being surrounded by God's Infinite love

Tears were beginning to flow inside of me without the presence of any sound
I knew I was experiencing something that is not usually on this earth found
Talking with the angel I was able to see things without any doubt or any fear
Unlike any dream I've known this one has left me with mystical visions so clear.

Walking in a mist,  that was aglow with the Light of the Immortal One Divine
I saw things like angels and saints and ancients ones from a long ago time
Each one was shining with a happiness I could feel so deep inside of my soul
I knew I was in my final  resting place my longed for and sought after goal.

Would that I could have stayed there forever but morning broke into my sleep
And I arose with a feeling that left me in awe and with thoughts ever so deep
I wondered how I could have been there: somewhere so beautiful and  so unique
It has left me with a new insight into the Heavens and the Immortal one I seek

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