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Saturday, December 1, 2012

You are so angry inside

Inside you are holding so much anger; so much built up hurt inside
You need to let out those feelings; everything you've had to hide
For right now it's coming out all ugly and hurting so many around
You need a way to start releasing the sorrows to which your bound.

You may not be wanting to admit it, but you're really not so free
The anger is still boiling all over but you are not wanting to see
It's eating your entire being and coming out in so many ways
It's okay to seek out some therapy some healing from hurtful days.

There's no shame in seeking some counseling some person who will hear
You need to hear yourself saying: what's been eating you year after year
Stop all that pretentious talking; stop trying to be appear so brave
In the silence of a therapy session you're true self you're going to save.

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