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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why would you hurt me mommy

You abused all the power you had over me
And forgot what it was that a parent should be
Shaking me violently, you wounded me  deep
I wept during the hours when most people sleep

Beaten up daily I  shivered and  cried
Teachers would question me but I only lied
For no one could  know that my mommy so sweet
Was hatefully abusive and ready to beat.

So I continued my life and went on my way
Not ever knowing why you beat me each day
Why brokenness and pain were given to  me
Could you tell me now mommy? I'm wanting to see.


  1. So powerful and raw. It touched my heart the pain, your words and I can relate. Thank you

  2. HI Behind the Smile.. Thank you for your kind words.. Hope you are well.



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