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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thinking about Heaven

The night kept me waking for a chill was in the air
And worries from some moment were holding me with care
So I rose up from my bed and tried to picture deep within
A very special place where the hurtful can't enter in

So as I pondered in the silence I could see eternity
countless hosts of angels were all motioning for me
Beside them, crystal fountains, had waters all aglow
And in their hands a paper on which they wrote so slow

While I was clinging to some memories of the other day
The angels began to whisper "let everything pass away
There is no need to worry over things you can't control
You should spend some more time within your precious soul."

The angels all disappeared but I held them deep inside
I was able to see some Heaven but entrance was denied
For I have a number of days to accomplish what I must
Then I'll return to Heaven when my body returns to dust

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