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Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Shepard's Song

We never went to school and we never read a book
But that star up in the sky said: "take another look"
So we parted from our sheep just long enough to see
A bright and shining angel:  could this really be?

While  gazing at this spirit and the glowing star
We began to hear him speaking, this angel from afar
He spoke to us of goodness and of peace for everyone
And told us we would find Him, God's One and only Son

He continued in our language and motioned with his hand
Telling us we would find him in a town called Bethlehem
So we hurried off without waiting to some city very far
We knew that we would find Him in a stable beneath a star

When finally we arrived there, we were surprised to see
That God would send His Son into such utter poverty
Yet we knew this Was the Baby the Almighty's only Son
So we bowed and offered homage praising what God had done

We don't have any great wisdom or any great words to say
We have only our testimony of what happened on that day
So we hope that you will find Him just like we were able to
And that you will receive His blessings in everything you do

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