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Sunday, December 16, 2012

All the Heavens are weeping

For all those who passed away in Newton Connecticut in Sandy Brook Elementary School

All the Heavens are weeping over the children who are no more
Families have been shattered and hearts are wounded sore
What words can come together to express all of their grief:
Tragic were those moments, when death grabbed them like a thief.

Angels are gathering together: they join the mourning under-way
Thousands upon thousands of teardrops are falling for that day
Even after the sun has rested and the moon gives her lunar light
The universe will be weeping over this most  horrific sight

Weep with me dear people for its time  for us to be weeping
For our sisters and our brothers, who are at their stations keeping
company with the angels, who came with all  their bright array,
To carry off these souls while the storms raged across the day..

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