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Monday, December 31, 2012

Let us stop once more by the manger

Let us stop by the quiet manger before they gather up all the hay
And visit once more with Jesus though its no longer Christmas day
Let us bring back to life this holiday and celebrate it one more time
And give it the greatest of honors and put it into some special rhyme

Too quickly we pull down the christmas trees and put out all the lights
We have hardly begun to notice them, before boxes hide all these sights
Everything has become so routine now that we haven't even become  aware
That Christmas has become for us some item that we are able to unwrap or share.

What can we do to stop all of this madness, all this predictable holiday rush
How can we stop all of this whirlwind and get back again the Christmas hush
That awakens in our hearts a great wonder and not some casual  holiday store
What we can we do special  next Christmas that we have never ever done before

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