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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping our focus

Let me drink in this beautiful silence
that this illness has ushered in
And I will hear all the sounds of Christmas
that are echoing again and again
For though I am completely unable
to rush out into all this beautiful array
I am constantly being led on by the angels
who are carrying a Christmas display

Its so easy to be pulled out into the darkness
when we're running a fever so high
But we still have control of the theme song
which we will be bettering ourselves by
We can choose the highest and happiest sounds of healing
or ones that will keep us feeling so  low
We are the ones who bring things back into focus
or let them all fall back out of control


  1. Illness can cause us to miss a lot but we must try and keep positive and to be thankfull even in the midst of illness, which can be hard. Christmas we remember what it is all really about and can celebrate whether in bed ill or rushing about. I hope you are well. I also hope 2013 treats you well. Smiles.

  2. Thank you "Smiles" am trying hard to be positive. sometimes I am winning my efforts and sometimes I slide backwards a little..I guess as long as there is the "trying" we'll be okay? Right?
    Hope you are well "smiles" and that you have had a nice Christmas?.. Have a blessed day


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment