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Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have the flu

Peeking from beneath the covers I can see a ray of light
And a hundred little angels saying soon I'll feel alright
But this nasty little bug that has has held me to my  bed
Wont leave me long enough to shake some dizzy from my head

All my sick days are adding up and my temperature is high
Swallowing all this medicine has made new planets for my sky
I cannot breathe without barking and my cat thinks I'm a dog
I wander through my house as though plowing through some fog.

Though this poem seems a bit funny and a little out of style
You will understand the meaning if you sit with it for a while
Some days we are feeling wonderful and other days we are not
So we can only give to others what we ourselves have got


  1. Both of my girls had this bug. I'm starting to feel better. It traveled through the three of us. You do describe it so well in this simple poem. I hope you too start to feel better soon. Drink plenty of fluids and don't push yourself too hard as I do at times...I pray that you have a Happy New Year filled with lots of love...Get well soon..RiRi

  2. Hi Riri..thanks for stopping by .. am pretty bad this time with the bug.. its an awful thing. hoping it goes away soon..glad you are getting over yours.. xoxo joy

  3. Not much fun having the flu, I hope you are starting to feel better. Thinking of you. Take care.

  4. Hello "smiles" am slowly beating this bug.. I have lost my voice completely..which really is not such a bad thing..;) since really i don't have any obligation that requires I use it..How are you "smiles" .. Have a blessed day.



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