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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everywhere we go

There is beauty all around us every where we go
In the tiny little seedling or in the falling snow
Everything around us has treasures deep within
We have only to open up and let creation enter in

Listen to the sunshine as its rays begin to glow
How softly it is whispering "I really love you so"
And the quiet breezes that are present but unseen
Invite us to dig deeper for the gems we haven't seen.

How many of life's mysteries stand before our eyes
Challenging  us to question what beauty in them lies
Yet we haven't begun to question everything we should
So  mysteries remain unopened by everyone who could.


  1. Hello Joy, How are you?...Reading this poem I thought sometimes when I can't see the beauty I must rely upon the knowing that it's there. It's the knowing that keeps me going, believing in the power of God...You're faithful to your writings. I appreciate this. I hope you're doing good and keeping the faith..I love you Joy.

  2. Hi Riri (Anonymous)..glad you liked the poem..I keep my belief in God and Eternal Happiness ever in my heart. hope you are keeping the faith as well..


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