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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you see them, all the angels?

Do you see them all the angels they are everywhere
Never boasting, never bragging always quick to care
Many paint them always flying and hardly on the ground
But the angels walk among us; wings and halos are not found

Can you hear them as they're whispering, deep inside your mind
Teaching you the path to beauty and the treasures you can find
Unlike the stories many will tell you, angels are not so full of bliss
Sometimes the person right beside is the angel you're going to miss.

Angels are those special beings sent to us from n God above
To help us understand most fully: we were created only to love
All the fighting and  the hatred ,yes every single piece of war
Is a stumbling block before us loving is all we were created for.


  1. It is a comfort to be reminded of God's angels sent as God's helpers. Smiles.

  2. Love you dear Smiles..I appreciate you constant notes and support..wishing you a blessed season



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