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Monday, December 3, 2012

Be who you are

Dedicated to Dr Lena Klumper a very special lady who helps others be all they can be....

There is a sadness in your voice a sound of sorrow deep inside
Is there something I can help you with : What makes you want to hide?
You say you cannot do anything; that your gifts seem so  small
But, don't you know your gift of being is the greatest gift of all

We can't compare ourselves to others and become who we are not
Though others seem to be more gifted; they don't have what we got.
Each person has a uniqueness, something special about what they do
There is never going to be another person, who can be another you.

So lets stop trying to be the people, who we were never meant to be;
And strive to become the best we can at being the very best "me".
Each person has their abilities and their own individuality
Lets start living who we are, and stop trying to be what we can't be.

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