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Monday, December 31, 2012

Let us stop once more by the manger

Let us stop by the quiet manger before they gather up all the hay
And visit once more with Jesus though its no longer Christmas day
Let us bring back to life this holiday and celebrate it one more time
And give it the greatest of honors and put it into some special rhyme

Too quickly we pull down the christmas trees and put out all the lights
We have hardly begun to notice them, before boxes hide all these sights
Everything has become so routine now that we haven't even become  aware
That Christmas has become for us some item that we are able to unwrap or share.

What can we do to stop all of this madness, all this predictable holiday rush
How can we stop all of this whirlwind and get back again the Christmas hush
That awakens in our hearts a great wonder and not some casual  holiday store
What we can we do special  next Christmas that we have never ever done before

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Magi's Arrival

The night has been long and we have traveled far
We're tired and worn out but we keep following our Star
Our resources are all empty and our food supply is no more
But we continue in our Faith for we are going to adore

Our creatures are now struggling this last part of the way
Grave illness has attacked us and taken our strength away
But we will not be giving up and we won't be turning back
For the One who has called us will supply for what we lack.

The journey is now ending, the great Immortal One's in sight
We have finally arrived here; oh what a beautiful light
The king of all the Universe, the great creator of us all
Has traded away Royalty for Bethlehem's Stall

What value can our gifts have: before such a King Divine
He has everything He needs and needs nothing that is mine
But He is ever kind and gracious and will allow us to give
The best that we have to offer for as long as we shall live.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Keeping our focus

Let me drink in this beautiful silence
that this illness has ushered in
And I will hear all the sounds of Christmas
that are echoing again and again
For though I am completely unable
to rush out into all this beautiful array
I am constantly being led on by the angels
who are carrying a Christmas display

Its so easy to be pulled out into the darkness
when we're running a fever so high
But we still have control of the theme song
which we will be bettering ourselves by
We can choose the highest and happiest sounds of healing
or ones that will keep us feeling so  low
We are the ones who bring things back into focus
or let them all fall back out of control

Friday, December 28, 2012

Still feeling sick

This illness, it  is hanging on to me.. making it hard to breathe
No matter which way I sit or lie there comes to me no relief
The cough continues to strain my throat and the scars begin to appear
Help me dearest angels through all this stuff this lingering bug I fear

The room it keeps turning all around and my eyes are watering away
I have so much I would like to do but the bed is where I have to stay
It hurts me much to take my drinks and the water is not so  cold
This flu has hit so many folks the young ones as much as the   old

Thursday, December 27, 2012

I have the flu

Peeking from beneath the covers I can see a ray of light
And a hundred little angels saying soon I'll feel alright
But this nasty little bug that has has held me to my  bed
Wont leave me long enough to shake some dizzy from my head

All my sick days are adding up and my temperature is high
Swallowing all this medicine has made new planets for my sky
I cannot breathe without barking and my cat thinks I'm a dog
I wander through my house as though plowing through some fog.

Though this poem seems a bit funny and a little out of style
You will understand the meaning if you sit with it for a while
Some days we are feeling wonderful and other days we are not
So we can only give to others what we ourselves have got

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Wishes

Today I am a little under the weather but want to take time to say
I wish for you the very happiest moments as you celebrate Christmas day
May all the beauty and wonder of this holiday fill your hearts and your home
And may you feel my own best wishes for you in all the wording of this poem

Christmas is a time for sharing  and for becoming that child once again
For gazing into the home made nativities and letting all God's graces in
It is a time for coming together for extending to every person our peace
Christmas is that most magical moment when grudges and fighting should cease

Let us not let any of our hours pass us without wishing to one and to all
The blessings and peace of the Christ child who was born in Bethlehem stall
To teach us the lesson of giving and of going way beyond than that extra mile
To make everyone a part of His family, and accepting our sufferings for awhile

Merry Christmas to everyone who reads here and prayers always :


Monday, December 24, 2012

Beneath all the glitter

Beneath all of the glitter and all the paper thrown around
Is the spirit of every Christmas with its very tiny sound.
From the smallest piece of candy to the biggest dish of love
Christmas is meant to unite us and lift our thoughts above.

So it is that after the exchanges of much chatter and of gifts
We gather around the table where our focus momentarily shifts
We speak of things we're thankful for and ask blessings for the year
we remember those less fortunate and those  not able to be here.

Christmas is not only for the little ones but  is truly for everyone
Because so very many years ago the noble act of giving was begun
While keeping His place in Heaven the Almighty Eternal one above
Sent us the very first Christmas Gift that was ever given out of love.

So we keep up with this tradition and we will celebrate every year
For Christmas brings us all together and fills everyone with cheer
We are happy to be the present and also present to every one around
The joy and laughter of Christmas which in our hearts and homes are found.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Shepard's Song

We never went to school and we never read a book
But that star up in the sky said: "take another look"
So we parted from our sheep just long enough to see
A bright and shining angel:  could this really be?

While  gazing at this spirit and the glowing star
We began to hear him speaking, this angel from afar
He spoke to us of goodness and of peace for everyone
And told us we would find Him, God's One and only Son

He continued in our language and motioned with his hand
Telling us we would find him in a town called Bethlehem
So we hurried off without waiting to some city very far
We knew that we would find Him in a stable beneath a star

When finally we arrived there, we were surprised to see
That God would send His Son into such utter poverty
Yet we knew this Was the Baby the Almighty's only Son
So we bowed and offered homage praising what God had done

We don't have any great wisdom or any great words to say
We have only our testimony of what happened on that day
So we hope that you will find Him just like we were able to
And that you will receive His blessings in everything you do

Take off your watch

Gently the universe is inviting me to stop and take a rest
It's time to close my eyes now I have given my very best
Sometimes I am needing to let go of the desire to overrun
Things won't always be perfect and some things wont get done.

There is an inner timepiece that I am needing to toss away
Some things will require a moment but others will take a day
Placing life inside an hour glass will only create an atmosphere
Where angels will want to run away and demons will draw near.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Do you see them, all the angels?

Do you see them all the angels they are everywhere
Never boasting, never bragging always quick to care
Many paint them always flying and hardly on the ground
But the angels walk among us; wings and halos are not found

Can you hear them as they're whispering, deep inside your mind
Teaching you the path to beauty and the treasures you can find
Unlike the stories many will tell you, angels are not so full of bliss
Sometimes the person right beside is the angel you're going to miss.

Angels are those special beings sent to us from n God above
To help us understand most fully: we were created only to love
All the fighting and  the hatred ,yes every single piece of war
Is a stumbling block before us loving is all we were created for.

In the early hours of morning

The earliest hours are calling for me to wake up from my sleep
Though the sun has not yet wakened and nightly creatures creep
I'm listening to the silent singing of the stars up in the sky
They sparkle through the bitter darkness to warm up you and I

In the stillness of the morning before the sun begins to rise
I keep a vigil with those beings who are invisible to our eyes.
Sweetly speaking out their greetings, angels hover here and there
And when were frightened or uncertain they show up everywhere.

I love the early hours of morning when all is calm and still
For when all is silent and un-noisy the Eternal speaks His will
Whispering through the virgin hours, untouched by human kind
The Provider of the universe is always illuminating my mind.

Friday, December 21, 2012

In a prickly bed of hay

So very quietly resting in a prickly bed of hay
Is our Savior and Redeemer who created night and day
Unable yet to speak but having spoke before all time
This little helpless Babe is the subject of my rhyme.

Though God could have come with all His glory and majesty
He chose to come so helpless in a stable for you and me
Not able to dress Himself yet, He gave life and breath to all
The creator of the Universe is now a tiny Babe so small.

Because our God is so loving He wanted us all to draw near
So He came to us so needy and not as Someone we should fear
As a helpless little baby God would touch the hearts of all
But only those who are ready could receive this Babe so small.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Broken promises

Broken promises are all around
Pouring out with hurtful sound
Quick conveniences passing by
Heartfelt words with touch of lye.

Its better not to give your word
If later on you'll look absurd
Boasting things you'll never do
Hurts the other and also  you.

So many times we're quick to say
I'm going to do this for you today
Then we reason why we don't try
To keep our promises over a lie.

For several days already

For several days already
a tragedy far from me
Has been playing in my mind
and allowing me to see
The brokenness and the fear:
the trauma of that day
Presented in repetitions
that wont seem to go away. .

Sounds of children crying
and the older people too
Keep ringing in my mind:
piercing me through and through
The anguish of all the parents
and the emotions of that day
Continue to hold me to visions
that won't ever go away.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The 15th of December 2012

A poem for the youngest victims of the Sandy Hook Tragedy

My tears they are falling as I continue to remember
All those who were murdered on the 15th of December
Thinking about the little ones ages six years and seven
What were their last thoughts before leaving for Heaven?

I can only imagine it with my past memories of fear
What each child was thinking as the gunman drew near
What terrible worries and fear there must have been
When the murderer opened fire and pushed his way in

Perhaps they were shaking or were wanting a way out
Perhaps "mommy and daddy" were words they would shout
We cannot even grasp it all the emotions  that were inside
The mind of each of the little ones before he or she died.

You were there from the start

You were there from the start
Accepting me with open heart
No words of sermon or of praise
Just simple love and kindly gaze.

I couldn't speak, I was so afraid
Too many times I had been played
Could this be real, or is it a dream?
I want to trust; but memories scream.

I was messed up but you were there
Patiently waiting and ready to care
Choosing your moments of inner light
You  brought me out of my darkest night

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Everywhere we go

There is beauty all around us every where we go
In the tiny little seedling or in the falling snow
Everything around us has treasures deep within
We have only to open up and let creation enter in

Listen to the sunshine as its rays begin to glow
How softly it is whispering "I really love you so"
And the quiet breezes that are present but unseen
Invite us to dig deeper for the gems we haven't seen.

How many of life's mysteries stand before our eyes
Challenging  us to question what beauty in them lies
Yet we haven't begun to question everything we should
So  mysteries remain unopened by everyone who could.

Monday, December 17, 2012

I'm your guardian angel

I have seen your every teardrop and felt your inner core
I know you have been suffering and can't take it any more
I'm here to help you through it; please listen to what I say
I'm your guardian angel and I will guide you along the way.

I can see your inner feelings, your emotions as you speak
I have listened to your sighing, watched you as you seek
Everything keeps on moving:  this isn't your forever stay
Trust me, I'm your angel and will help your through each day.

Though the storm clouds gather, making things dark and dim
And though life's bitter portion fills your cup to the brim
Know that I am with you, helping you throughout the day
I am your guardian angel and I will never ever walk away.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

All the Heavens are weeping

For all those who passed away in Newton Connecticut in Sandy Brook Elementary School

All the Heavens are weeping over the children who are no more
Families have been shattered and hearts are wounded sore
What words can come together to express all of their grief:
Tragic were those moments, when death grabbed them like a thief.

Angels are gathering together: they join the mourning under-way
Thousands upon thousands of teardrops are falling for that day
Even after the sun has rested and the moon gives her lunar light
The universe will be weeping over this most  horrific sight

Weep with me dear people for its time  for us to be weeping
For our sisters and our brothers, who are at their stations keeping
company with the angels, who came with all  their bright array,
To carry off these souls while the storms raged across the day..

Saturday, December 15, 2012

This Christmas

Wouldn't it be wonderful if this Christmas day
We'd reach out to everyone in a most special way
Not worrying about whether we can give them enough
Or seeking for extravagance or the costliest stuff

Just being for each other: gifts from  the tree
Loving  and caring and  nice as we could be
Insuring that each person  that comes by our way
Feels accepted and happy and a part of our day.

Gifts are expressions of what's living  inside
Without any warmth all their value will hide.
So lets be so careful and embrace  Christmas day
With a love in our heart that will push no one away

Friday, December 14, 2012

Tears for the families in Newton Connecticut

Tears for the families in Newton;
heartfelt sorrow I willingly share
Tragedy erupting in a schoolroom;
bodies of children lying everywhere
What a terrible act of cowardice
attacking those too young too fight
What mentality could ever move someone
to create such an inhumane sight?

Pure Destiny

I still can remember the first time we met
How eager you were to get everything set
Loving and caring your held out your hand
And softly reminded me that you understand

At first, I was fearful; my past was so raw
The memories within me continued to gnaw
My trust was so broken by what was before
You patiently waited and sought nothing more.

Little by little you  carefully taught
Guiding me safely by words that you brought
Nothing judgmental or harmful towards me:
Your kindness and care was all I could see.

Now I'm getting braver but  needing to heal
You keep on guiding me towards everything real
Nothing spectacular had ever  happened to me;
But You entering my life was pure destiny.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why would you hurt me mommy

You abused all the power you had over me
And forgot what it was that a parent should be
Shaking me violently, you wounded me  deep
I wept during the hours when most people sleep

Beaten up daily I  shivered and  cried
Teachers would question me but I only lied
For no one could  know that my mommy so sweet
Was hatefully abusive and ready to beat.

So I continued my life and went on my way
Not ever knowing why you beat me each day
Why brokenness and pain were given to  me
Could you tell me now mommy? I'm wanting to see.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The secrets

There was such an internal struggle as I held it all in
I knew I had to release it but didn't know where to begin
I had hid it for so long that I feared the feeling of free
What would others think if they knew what I could see.

For years I kept them all in and my anticipation grew
I  knew they'd all be coming out like other secrets  do
But What would i do then when the inevitable came to be
Would I surrender to the moment or run from what I see?

The releasing was so painful but now I am okay
For the memories of the past no longer block the way
Each day's a new beginning and those hurts from yesterday
Have become the stepping stones  into a brighter way.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Slow down for just awhile

Slow down for just awhile there is no need to race
Falling down in silent sound is all of Heaven's grace
A moment could hold a lifetime of happiness so dear
Why not stop to listen, there is so much to hear

Riding on the sunbeams that warm us along the way
Are countless hosts of angels in such beautiful array
Tenderly they're whispering in every second passing by
We can hear them speaking,if we only  stop and try

Hush now, hear that murmuring inside your busy heart
Your  spirit is inviting you to make a brand new start
Take on a different pace and let the rhythmn of the earth
Set the tempo deep inside you that will initiate rebirth

Monday, December 10, 2012

Every morning has a message

How soft is the sound of the morning on my mind
Gently she is whispering"come see what we can find"
The birds,  with their music, are creating harmony
Listen to the Universe, she's singing so peacefully.

The star of the morning, the bright and glowing sun;
Tells me night has ended and day has now begun
Creatures of the evening have scampered off to sleep
While those who love the dawn have slowly begun to creep

Every morning has a message that whispers through the air
If we listen very carefully we can hear it everywhere
Echoing from creation and from everything that breathes
God is speaking Wisdom that the listening heart receives

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Living in the moment

Tomorrow has not come yet
and yesterday's a day  behind
Today is right before us;
so, let's see what we can find
Too many are willing to tell us
to reach for things outside today
But happiness is not discovered
in places we shouldn't stay

So let's appreciate the moment
the "now" that's in this space
And let go of what has passed us
and what hasn't yet taken place
We will find ourselves much happier
and more at peace inside
For beauty's always in the present,
and  life's treasures never hide.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Song of the Magi

The time has arrived now for us to leave what's familiar
To venture into places where we'll feel lost and unsure
But beneath where it's standing (that Star of great measure)
Is awaiting a King, Who's the Infinite One's only Treasure.

Out into a world where darkness has become accepted
We'll go carrying offerings that we know wont be rejected
We'll go to a new land, and to a town with any real  value
And return thoroughly infused with Things  we never knew

So let us get started now, for the Star it keeps on beckoning
And from all calculations it's the precursor of a  Great King
We mustn't keep stalling or allow for any more doubting
For this will be the completion of all that we've been scouting.

Friday, December 7, 2012

One Christmas Night

When all the world was wrapped up in all of its darkness
God bent the Heavens and shared with us His greatness
In the person of Jesus, the true path that we were seeking
Opened up before us while all the mute ones started speaking

Tender flowers in the meadows and a star in the dark sky
Helped create the lyrics for the first Christmas lullaby
A virgin in labor and the most Mysterious manger story
Spoke to us of true greatness and God's invisible glory

So we sing every year now of a Baby in a prickly bed
And listen to some stories about how some astrologers were led
We give gifts to each other and our homes are aglow with light
Because God in His Wisdom came to us one Christmas night

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Let's try again..

Thousands of tiny teardrops were falling down the other day
And each one was carrying something of me that got away
How sorry I was for failing and for all that you had to see
I hope this note will make up for whatever was lacking in me

I know that I have hurt you but these were never my intentions
Sometimes my words escape without any planned out directions
My truest of feelings for all that has been happening  over here
Is how blessed I am to know you, to me you are so very dear

So, can we put all this behind us: all  these hurt and painful feelings?
Can we start one more time, remembering all of the good things?
We had so much going so much that we've accomplished together
Let's refocus our mindset and we'll get past this stormy weather.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why are we decorating

Why are we decorating? why all the twinkling lights?
Christmas is coming; we know this by all the sights.
Something in the wonder and  the making of Christmas
Recreates in our beings the memories of a baby Jesus

Way back in the beginning a great star was twinkling
And men from the East reacted after much inner thinking
Carrying the choicest of treasures to a land that was so very far
These wisemen found christmas beneath the great sparkling star

So like that first Christmas people travel both far and near
To carry some blessings to those they hold  very dear
Surrounded by colors and all the lights that are all sparkling
We wish Merry Christmas while remembering the Immortal king.

Trust is a sacred thing

Trust is a sacred thing, something to be earned
It's not something demanded not something learned
It's a process that begins with a party of two
I give over my secrets and receive some from you

Each of us believing that a pact has been made
And trusting our treasures wont ever be betrayed
This is the expected when surrendering one's trust
Protecting what's entrusted is expected and just.

Tread lightly therefore along the path that is made
Promises and secrets should not walk in  parade
Be true to your word and never give to the world outside
What you have vowed to keep secret and forever inside.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

May we always be a blessing

Gently speak your feelings and thoughtfully reply
Let nothing that is violent meet those who pass you by
Be the source of other's healing and an avenue for peace
May others find a welcome in all that you release

Whisper deep within you sweet reminders of the way
In which you should be responding each and every day.
Let nothing be offensive, let nothing provoke fear:
So that everyone can be happy, whenever you are near.

Each of us is a vessel, from which our life will pour
May we always be a blessing and an ever open door
where people can find great comfort and a love sincere
All of us can be the angels that will brighten the atmosphere


The angels of the evening are singing so sweetly
While  they hover over the world ever so discreetly
Everything's so silent and the universe is still
Hushed are all the Creatures beneath Heaven's Will

The sound of a tiny clock making its nocturnal round
Breaks through the silence with its ever rhythmic sound
Soft are the whispers from the guardians of the night
Thank God for the Angels that surround us with light.

Sleepless are the people who carry too much inside
Quickly their angels gather up the sorrows they hide
Humming in sweet harmony these pure angelic host
Carry inner healing to those who need it the most

Monday, December 3, 2012

Be who you are

Dedicated to Dr Lena Klumper a very special lady who helps others be all they can be....

There is a sadness in your voice a sound of sorrow deep inside
Is there something I can help you with : What makes you want to hide?
You say you cannot do anything; that your gifts seem so  small
But, don't you know your gift of being is the greatest gift of all

We can't compare ourselves to others and become who we are not
Though others seem to be more gifted; they don't have what we got.
Each person has a uniqueness, something special about what they do
There is never going to be another person, who can be another you.

So lets stop trying to be the people, who we were never meant to be;
And strive to become the best we can at being the very best "me".
Each person has their abilities and their own individuality
Lets start living who we are, and stop trying to be what we can't be.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thinking about Heaven

The night kept me waking for a chill was in the air
And worries from some moment were holding me with care
So I rose up from my bed and tried to picture deep within
A very special place where the hurtful can't enter in

So as I pondered in the silence I could see eternity
countless hosts of angels were all motioning for me
Beside them, crystal fountains, had waters all aglow
And in their hands a paper on which they wrote so slow

While I was clinging to some memories of the other day
The angels began to whisper "let everything pass away
There is no need to worry over things you can't control
You should spend some more time within your precious soul."

The angels all disappeared but I held them deep inside
I was able to see some Heaven but entrance was denied
For I have a number of days to accomplish what I must
Then I'll return to Heaven when my body returns to dust

Saturday, December 1, 2012

You are so angry inside

Inside you are holding so much anger; so much built up hurt inside
You need to let out those feelings; everything you've had to hide
For right now it's coming out all ugly and hurting so many around
You need a way to start releasing the sorrows to which your bound.

You may not be wanting to admit it, but you're really not so free
The anger is still boiling all over but you are not wanting to see
It's eating your entire being and coming out in so many ways
It's okay to seek out some therapy some healing from hurtful days.

There's no shame in seeking some counseling some person who will hear
You need to hear yourself saying: what's been eating you year after year
Stop all that pretentious talking; stop trying to be appear so brave
In the silence of a therapy session you're true self you're going to save.

Be yourself

Sometimes we forget, that it is part of being real
To give ourselves the space we need to really feel
For at times we are so needy and hurting deep inside
We need to release the tensions that we have had to hide.

So pick out a special space, some location set apart
And let the emotions escape; just open up your heart
For in the teardrops falling,  tensions will come out;
And every negative feeling will take leave with a shout

Don't worry about what's proper or how it may appear
Just let out all the junk that has carried so much fear
Freedom will be so healing, pretending kept you bound
Let go those inhibitions and be yourself to all around.