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Monday, November 12, 2012

You're time has come

The night has been carrying on for way too long
And the chill of the winter
has been coming across way too strong
A time of respite is what your soul had been needing
Relief from all the upset
is the forecast for the soul who is now reading

So put away your tissues now and pull out that new look
The time of disappointment is being replaced
by the promises of a true and holy Book
Your period of waiting has ended without any more say
Today is the beginning of something special;
it's your long awaited day

Rejoice now in those memories that were once able to carry you away
That spoke to you constantly of imperfections
and led you astray
For those yesterdays are now past
and wont ever be returning
You've reached your destination
that place for which you have always been yearning.

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  1. The promise of hope, of new things to come to be. Thank you. Smiles.


Thank you for your comment.. you are dear to me.. I will reply to this comment