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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Christmas

All the earth is changing colors
during this special time of year
While all the world is preparing
for the Birthday of Someone  Dear
Every star has scooted over
to make space for the chosen one
Who will be announcing the
Birthday of God's one and only Son.

All the creatures of the earth
are displaying such sparkling lights
Each one will help us recall the One
who released us from our nights
Everything that is all glittery
and is sparkling with great display
Will remind us of that newness that
came to us one Christmas day

So do nothing to hold back from
the festivities every year
It all helps us to remember
the Birthday of Someone dear
For the creator of the world
with  such a simple bed of hay
Gave to us a Redeemer
that started Christmas day

So whisper it for a while all
the plans that you have in place
While the children watch and wonder
at the seasonal beauty of each space
Let the colors and lights of Christmas
keep alive the bright mystery
That gave to us the first Christmas
and the first Gift beneath a tree.

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