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Friday, November 30, 2012

Whenever you can

Whenever you can, reach out your hand
to touch another in his or her need
Be ready to help, be ready to care
be generous in planting that good seed
Remember the gift that you give out today
might be somebody's answer to  prayer
Don't ever hold back or turn a blind eye
when its within your power to care.

Start off today with resolve in your heart
and a eagerness that's ready to see
Someone who's hurting, someone who's needy
is just waiting for you and for me.
So turn over that new leaf that's hiding
that new way: created by the Heaven's above
Do something radical, do something different
And don't limit the amount that you'll love

This is the secret to inner contentment
that the angels in Heaven know perfectly
If we would start giving and really start caring
the happiness of angels would bless you and me
The world as we know would take on new color
and everything would be an opportunity
So let us be willing and let us be caring
and let's bring Heaven to all that we see..

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