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Sunday, November 18, 2012

These things you hold on to

These things you're holding on to
and making your priority
Are but shadows of something greater
that is found only in the Divinity
Yet you keep building up castles for
things that will pass away
And holding on to values  that
should be shameful to even say

If you would be satisfied and
find what you're looking for
Listen closely to all the echoes
that are whispering  ouside your door
For that which really matters
and should  be talking about
Would not embarrass the angels
or cause their tears to fall out.

We can only be happy doing
what we've been created to do
Everything us leaves us searching
around our whole life through
The pettiness and gossip we're
so often clinging tightly to
Will leave us all empty and shallow
ignorant of what's  good and true.

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