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Thursday, November 22, 2012

So much to be thankful for

Golden sun beams and gentle winds that announce the day;
Beautiful sunsets and shining stars that sparkle along the way;
Quiet flowers and roaring oceans that are stretching out so wide:
These are some of all the blessings that are in our world outside

Friends who love us and family circles of which we are all apart;
Treasured memories and happy moments held  deep inside our heart;
So many blessings so many treasures  which we should be thankful for:
Thanksgiving is that time to acknowledge that which we so often ignore

Pause a moment to consider everything within your waking heart
All the blessings with which God has blessed you from the very start
All those blessings you  have seen now and of which you are  keenly aware
And those remaining that are still yet hidden but are with you everywhere.

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