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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Like a book upon a shelf

Though to the world I may seem all well; inside I'm feeling so sore
At times it seems the air's so thin, that I feel I'll breathe no more.
It's quite a task to keep breathing in, when the air keeps slipping away
But life is not about the pain we feel, it's how we make it through each day

I direct my focus away from self and try to visualize the better things
So when I am hurting deep down inside, I try to picture a bird that sings
Though everything within me wants to cry. as I struggle to get some air
I know that weeping will only make it worse, so I send it off in prayer.

Because a person doesn't tell it out, doesn't mean that the pain's not there
But rather that he or she has learned to accept the inconveniences everywhere
I cannot begin to see the world's need; if I'm too wrapped up in myself
So I've decided to put my aches and pains away: like a book upon a shelf

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