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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If you choose me to be your friend

If you would choose to be my friend,there are some things that you should know:
I'm not ever going to be called perfect and sometimes my thinking is slow
I cannot ever seem to get with the program of following the popular crowd
I tend to be more timid and quiet but will always speak to my angels out loud.

Friendship to me is about acceptance and allowing the other person to be
Whomever he or she is on the inside, without expecting them to become like me.
Friendship is about allowing for weaknesses and about helping the other to grow
Its about giving the other some embraces and room when things get out of control

Friends are unlike any other people they are in a category all of their own
Sharing with them becomes so very easy: nothing's ever given in a loan
So if you're inviting me into your friendship and accepting me as your friend
Remember that I will never ever be perfect but will always be willing to bend.

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  1. Always be willing to bend: I like that. This is a lovely poem about friendship and the way friendship ought to be. Smiles.


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