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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hold on

It seems like you have been struggling with this worry for so very long
And like everything you have planned for has suddenly ended up so wrong
You feel so deeply the weight of all those hurts you have ever gone through
And don't see how anything good could ever come from what you may say or do

But don't you know you are not the One who lays out the road you will walk
And that there is One who will give you what need when it is time to talk
Nothing you have gone through can ever stop you from doing what you must do
For you are seen as precious and cared for by the One who is sustaining you.

So hold on to whatever form of courage you may still have inside of you
And don't let the opinions of others turn you from what you know is true
Shake off the dust of any place that leaves you feeling like you need to hide
For your home will be one that leaves you with lasting peace and hope inside.


  1. This makes me cry because it speaks right into where I am at on my journey at the moment. Thank you, I feel God speaking through your words. Blessings.

  2. Dear Smiling within.. i figured others will be able to associate with these words i decided to share them. thank you for sharing your thoughts am glad that my poetry can help others in some small way


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