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Monday, November 5, 2012

Every day is a chance for beauty

Every day is a chance for beauty; so much wonder is all around
From the earliest hours of waking we can hear creations sound
Listen deeply to earth's wisdom; let her sing you her lullaby
Every creature will enchant you every plant will move you to cry

Oh the beauty that is all around us yet so many times we do not see
That every morning that we step outside; we step inside of God's mystery
We have everything so very precious, everything that the world can't buy
If we would but stop and notice we could see what surrounds both you and I

Let us not linger on the passing that may captivate our mind
But rather let our stay be longer with the Eternal works we find
For there within the sacred aura there within earth's energy
We will learn to value rightly and our hearts will begin to see.

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