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Friday, November 30, 2012

Whenever you can

Whenever you can, reach out your hand
to touch another in his or her need
Be ready to help, be ready to care
be generous in planting that good seed
Remember the gift that you give out today
might be somebody's answer to  prayer
Don't ever hold back or turn a blind eye
when its within your power to care.

Start off today with resolve in your heart
and a eagerness that's ready to see
Someone who's hurting, someone who's needy
is just waiting for you and for me.
So turn over that new leaf that's hiding
that new way: created by the Heaven's above
Do something radical, do something different
And don't limit the amount that you'll love

This is the secret to inner contentment
that the angels in Heaven know perfectly
If we would start giving and really start caring
the happiness of angels would bless you and me
The world as we know would take on new color
and everything would be an opportunity
So let us be willing and let us be caring
and let's bring Heaven to all that we see..

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Let the child out ( re-posting an earlier poem)

letting the little child out

Let me cry one more time for the child deep inside

Let me hug this little girl whose feeling she must hide

Let me weep with giant tears let me cry for all the wrong

That this little girl has known  and kept secret for too long

Let me stop being afraid and let me finally speak out

Let me jump, let me scream:let me let my voice shout

Let me let out that child who has been  hiding deep within

It’s time for her to come out so her healing can begin.

Like a book upon a shelf

Though to the world I may seem all well; inside I'm feeling so sore
At times it seems the air's so thin, that I feel I'll breathe no more.
It's quite a task to keep breathing in, when the air keeps slipping away
But life is not about the pain we feel, it's how we make it through each day

I direct my focus away from self and try to visualize the better things
So when I am hurting deep down inside, I try to picture a bird that sings
Though everything within me wants to cry. as I struggle to get some air
I know that weeping will only make it worse, so I send it off in prayer.

Because a person doesn't tell it out, doesn't mean that the pain's not there
But rather that he or she has learned to accept the inconveniences everywhere
I cannot begin to see the world's need; if I'm too wrapped up in myself
So I've decided to put my aches and pains away: like a book upon a shelf

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tuning up our senses

Someone is weeping bitterly and pouring out their heart
Their demeanor reveals a sorrow that will not depart
Every ounce of their being is shaking from inside
What is it that you would do, when you  meet them outside?

Do you stop by to console them. or think of them no more?
Will you offer to assist them, or continue to ignore?
How will you be handling:  the sight of another's suffering?
Tell me, if you will, what consolation would you bring?

Many times we can be so wrapped up in our very busy day
That we can miss all the opportunities that are on the way
Have we tuned up our senses to be aware of another's need
Or developed a habit of guarding our time with selfish greed?

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

When it's been too long

This trial has been going on for way too long
That disease has taken a turn that is so wrong
All the clouds have clouded up your sunny sky
Should it be wrong, then,  to have the need to cry?

Is there anyone who can claim they understand
All these sorrows and hurts you've had to withstand
At a glance everything can seem so  very passe
But looking deeper what is there anyone could say?

So let out all those tears you have been holding in
It's okay to release those tensions from deep within
Who cares how it may look to those who see them all
You  need to be free so let  those sheltered teardrops fall.

Monday, November 26, 2012

In the East shines a star

In the East shines a star with a story to tell
And if we listen very carefully it is singing Noel
For it represents the Baby that was born long ago
And whispers of a day that we've all come to know

With all of our shopping and the wrapping up of stuff
We can lose sight of that stable: so rustic and so rough
And the tiny infant King  that was once doused with hay
Could be lost in the hustle and the bustle of the day.

Christmas is about giving but it is also about the love
That was born in a manger as a Gift from Heaven Above
So let us not forget with all the things that we must do
How the first Christmas went and what it is for me and you

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Why Christmas

All the earth is changing colors
during this special time of year
While all the world is preparing
for the Birthday of Someone  Dear
Every star has scooted over
to make space for the chosen one
Who will be announcing the
Birthday of God's one and only Son.

All the creatures of the earth
are displaying such sparkling lights
Each one will help us recall the One
who released us from our nights
Everything that is all glittery
and is sparkling with great display
Will remind us of that newness that
came to us one Christmas day

So do nothing to hold back from
the festivities every year
It all helps us to remember
the Birthday of Someone dear
For the creator of the world
with  such a simple bed of hay
Gave to us a Redeemer
that started Christmas day

So whisper it for a while all
the plans that you have in place
While the children watch and wonder
at the seasonal beauty of each space
Let the colors and lights of Christmas
keep alive the bright mystery
That gave to us the first Christmas
and the first Gift beneath a tree.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Hold on

It seems like you have been struggling with this worry for so very long
And like everything you have planned for has suddenly ended up so wrong
You feel so deeply the weight of all those hurts you have ever gone through
And don't see how anything good could ever come from what you may say or do

But don't you know you are not the One who lays out the road you will walk
And that there is One who will give you what need when it is time to talk
Nothing you have gone through can ever stop you from doing what you must do
For you are seen as precious and cared for by the One who is sustaining you.

So hold on to whatever form of courage you may still have inside of you
And don't let the opinions of others turn you from what you know is true
Shake off the dust of any place that leaves you feeling like you need to hide
For your home will be one that leaves you with lasting peace and hope inside.

Friday, November 23, 2012

For my counselor

You came into my life when all my world was crashing down
when everything I had hoped for was scattered on the ground
You didn't come to me talking about your spectacular degree
But rather you came with your love and care and shared it all with me

You came to me without conditions and you were ready to help me heal
And though my world was upside down you helped me see what was real
I struggled through my first times as you were  inviting me to share
Yet you were patient and understanding and I knew you'd always care.

Unlike so many others who were so very limited with their time
You  never let me think that you were more interested in my dime
Your heart was always closely tied to every session that we  had
I always left our conversations feeling free and no longer sad

Thank you

Thursday, November 22, 2012

So much to be thankful for

Golden sun beams and gentle winds that announce the day;
Beautiful sunsets and shining stars that sparkle along the way;
Quiet flowers and roaring oceans that are stretching out so wide:
These are some of all the blessings that are in our world outside

Friends who love us and family circles of which we are all apart;
Treasured memories and happy moments held  deep inside our heart;
So many blessings so many treasures  which we should be thankful for:
Thanksgiving is that time to acknowledge that which we so often ignore

Pause a moment to consider everything within your waking heart
All the blessings with which God has blessed you from the very start
All those blessings you  have seen now and of which you are  keenly aware
And those remaining that are still yet hidden but are with you everywhere.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Broken pieces far and near

Tears are rolling down my face
Carrying memories I can't erase
Sighs and sobs so truly deep
Help me Jesus so I can sleep

Tis the season and the time
When my tears will  fall in rhyme
Broken pieces far and near
Remind me now of yesteryear


Early are the cries that come whispering to me
Rousing me from sleep and speaking mystically
Deep are the echoes that sound through the night
Inviting me beyond my own inner light.

Unspoken are the words and mystical the ways
In which I'm touched by these transforming rays
Unable to move about and barely able to see
I remain transfixed inside this mystery

So sweet is the music from the universe outside
Touching my fragile mind and my being deep inside
I'm lost to that realm which is measured by our time
So I  dwell within a space that gives birth to all my  rhyme

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Heaven touched me

I have touched Heaven and Heaven has touched me
I am no longer the same, it's quite obvious to see
The things that I have thought would bring me security
Have all been dissolved inside  this Sacred Colloquy

Be still now, oh be still: for words can't ever  relay
What has just taken place, no one should ever say:
Oh how can I  express what the angels should only know
Their secrets will ever remain as quiet as their glow

I cannot fully believe it and I cannot understand
Eternity has finally cupped me inside its  Sacred Hand
I will not continue mumbling or  speak of it any more
I will just have to surrender to the Silence I adore.

Turn off the radio

Turn off the radio, turn off the noise
Silence your being, silence your voice
Quiet your thinking, quiet your will
Still every movement, sit and be still

Holding onto nothing, you will have all
When you hear nothing, silence will call
Deep down inside you, the Heavens above
Echoing their message, leaving their love

Hush now the moments, slow down the day
Listen intently, the universe will play
The secrets inside you, all the unknown
Painted inside you the history you own.

Turn of the radio, turn off the noise
Silence your being, silence your voice
Quiet your thinking, quiet your will.
Still every movement, sit and be still.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Golden are the leaves

Golden are the leaves that are falling to the ground
While Autumn sings her melodies to everyone around
Crisp are the sounds of the leaves beneath our feet
And the cool quiet winds whisper to all who they meet.

Listen to this silence that echoes through the Fall
It's not like any other and is crying out to all
Without any fanfare, the  somberness of this time
Challenges every poet to reach out in mystic rhyme

For colors have been silenced and the trees are all bare
There is hardly any ambient for any  writer to share
If not for what is hidden and unseen by mortal eye
Autumn is the season where our spirits learn to fly.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

These things you hold on to

These things you're holding on to
and making your priority
Are but shadows of something greater
that is found only in the Divinity
Yet you keep building up castles for
things that will pass away
And holding on to values  that
should be shameful to even say

If you would be satisfied and
find what you're looking for
Listen closely to all the echoes
that are whispering  ouside your door
For that which really matters
and should  be talking about
Would not embarrass the angels
or cause their tears to fall out.

We can only be happy doing
what we've been created to do
Everything us leaves us searching
around our whole life through
The pettiness and gossip we're
so often clinging tightly to
Will leave us all empty and shallow
ignorant of what's  good and true.

You crushed my soul

You crushed my soul and bruised my mind
You made me afraid of what's left behind
I never knew and never had learned
That love is gift: not something earned.

So throughout my life I lived afraid
I was abused and  I was betrayed
I trusted so many and I got hurt
My early years left me such dirt.

Then one day, one moment of grace;
Someone came forth to help me erase
All  those years, those hurts inside
I was set free and felt safe outside.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Every instant is an echo

How beautiful the sunrise that shouts out to me
It's warming and gentle and a blessing to see
How wonderful the melodies that open each day
If you listen to creation it has so much to say

Like a canvas the earth is stretched all around
And a whole array of colors upon it are found
Every creature and crevice are crying out to me
Imprints of the eternal one with so much to see.

Not a moment can pass by without speaking out
Every instant is an echo, every second can shout
From the thrones  of the Omnipotent way up above
If we look all around us, we can always see love.

Friday, November 16, 2012

I can't pretend

I can't pretend to be all whole,
when my heart is breaking in two
And I can't make believe I'm alright
when the opposite is true
I will be who I  really am right now,
wihout  hiding myself again
For my healing will take place
by being to all who I am within

Come join with me: feel this peace
which I'm so eager to quickly share
It comes from knowing one's inner truth
and brings down hurtful walls everywhere
Can you see the sunlight, it is burning
every old bridge that's  inside of me
It's just the spark of a new beginning
Happiness is my  destiny.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Can you remember your prayer?

Sleep has held me much longer than my ordinary time;
So my angels are the ones who will be writing you this rhyme.
Words of wisdom or of gest; I don't know what they may say
But whatever they will share, will be helpful for your way

Think of all the times that you were ever lost in prayer:
Can you remember all those feelings that you experienced there
Were they ones of inner healing or did they lift you high above
What happened when they ended? Where you resolved to love.

Angel lights are around us; they are speaking night and day
In the whispers of our hearts they are directing all our way
Do you pause or do you think as you listen to their sound
What are the tender lessons these spirits leave around?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chilly the winds...

Chilly, the winds. that roam everywhere
Colorful leaves take flight through the air
Crisp are the breezes that nip at our face
Winter is coming: her minions are in place

Gone are the colors of summer and spring
Earthy the tones that colder months bring
Everything noisy has now become still
The silence of winter imposes her will.

Hushed are the moments that dance around
Chirping and singing are no longer found
Winter's upon us, her stillness she brings
Cold, frosty hours, she carelessly flings

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

If you choose me to be your friend

If you would choose to be my friend,there are some things that you should know:
I'm not ever going to be called perfect and sometimes my thinking is slow
I cannot ever seem to get with the program of following the popular crowd
I tend to be more timid and quiet but will always speak to my angels out loud.

Friendship to me is about acceptance and allowing the other person to be
Whomever he or she is on the inside, without expecting them to become like me.
Friendship is about allowing for weaknesses and about helping the other to grow
Its about giving the other some embraces and room when things get out of control

Friends are unlike any other people they are in a category all of their own
Sharing with them becomes so very easy: nothing's ever given in a loan
So if you're inviting me into your friendship and accepting me as your friend
Remember that I will never ever be perfect but will always be willing to bend.

Monday, November 12, 2012

You're time has come

The night has been carrying on for way too long
And the chill of the winter
has been coming across way too strong
A time of respite is what your soul had been needing
Relief from all the upset
is the forecast for the soul who is now reading

So put away your tissues now and pull out that new look
The time of disappointment is being replaced
by the promises of a true and holy Book
Your period of waiting has ended without any more say
Today is the beginning of something special;
it's your long awaited day

Rejoice now in those memories that were once able to carry you away
That spoke to you constantly of imperfections
and led you astray
For those yesterdays are now past
and wont ever be returning
You've reached your destination
that place for which you have always been yearning.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Trickling through the curtains with its predictable promptness
The morning star is letting out a portion of its brightness
I'm wrestling with my blankets as though battling an invasion
A few minutes more and I'll be part of this day's equation.

Oh the mystery of our breathing and the mystery of our being
We collide with all the elements to create what we are seeing
The outcome of our living becomes  stimulus for a reaction
We can be the source of  peace or be cited for distraction

As the day continues progressing and  we continue  our inhaling:
Will we be promoting  God's goodness or will evil be prevailing?
Will we be holding too tightly to all that we should be sharing
This is our present challenge coming from our angels so caring.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Dance of dawn

Crisp is the air that is dancing around
Touching all creatures without making sound
Warm glowing sunbeams are piercing the sky
And covering the chill that surrounds you and I

Mother Nature's awake now and ready to play
She whispers her greetings and opens the way
With dew drops and wind gusts she touches our face
It's time to be listening and not time to race.

Breathe in the beauty as you exhale the night
So much to be discovered in this morning's light
Enjoy every second and every moment of the day
Let no hour escape you without blessing the way

Friday, November 9, 2012

some days

The shadows fell around me and darkened my blue sky
Doubts began to shake me and demons made me cry
Everywhere I turned there were warnings to beware
The day was just beginning with a darkness in its air.

Sometimes a day can linger in a painful atmosphere
And though we're seeking comfort it isn't what we  hear
We wake up to a journey that challenges heart and mind
And so the day evolves and its treasures we must find.

Not every day is rosy or is every task a delight
Sometimes just waking up has its monsters we must fight
The task of every day and of every single hour
Is knowing when to surrender and when to hold the power.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Invisible to our eyes

Take in the breath of life as you waken from your sleep
Whisper to all the angels all the secrets that you keep
Ponder with God's wisdom every moment that's passing by
And if something seems hopeless just give it one more try.

The mysteries of the universe are waiting for you and me
The quiet will give  visions that only we are able to see
All creation is singing  with words that no one can hear
Within our inner being everything will become more clear.

The way of what is spiritual is not visible to our eyes
We must be ready to receive grace like manna from the skies
Nothing is ever perfect though we may seek for such too long
The more we're willing to surrender the purer will be our song

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Every season has its beauty

The morning brings new hope with the glowing sun
That reaches out to touch the heart of everyone
The weather may be chilly and frost be everywhere
Yet the morning star dispels the chill from all our  air

Mother earth's a bit pale beneath the touch of ice
Northern winds are whispering where her beauty lies
All the world is silent before such wintry rush
We are left to marvel inside the freezing hush.

Everything has its moment and everything has its place
Thus the seasonal echoes make everything a grace
From the warmth of summer to the blossoming spring
Every season has its beauty and grace that it will bring.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

We the people on Election Day

We the people are joining together in this one committed voice
To express our wishes and desires in this one collective choice.
To choose a president and decide who'll be leading you and me
This is a task we have today: thank God we're able and free

Not casting a vote would be like saying without words to everyone
That you don't really value the process in which all our voting is done
Refusing to vote is like refusing to unite in one commingled voice
Choosing a President is a united effort: not just a casual choice
Will you be one of the courageous ones who make up the noble free
And do what every citizen has done before you in many a century.
Would you be willing to  cast your vote on a ballot you can obtain
We the people are counting on you please vote and don't refrain.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Every day is a chance for beauty

Every day is a chance for beauty; so much wonder is all around
From the earliest hours of waking we can hear creations sound
Listen deeply to earth's wisdom; let her sing you her lullaby
Every creature will enchant you every plant will move you to cry

Oh the beauty that is all around us yet so many times we do not see
That every morning that we step outside; we step inside of God's mystery
We have everything so very precious, everything that the world can't buy
If we would but stop and notice we could see what surrounds both you and I

Let us not linger on the passing that may captivate our mind
But rather let our stay be longer with the Eternal works we find
For there within the sacred aura there within earth's energy
We will learn to value rightly and our hearts will begin to see.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Forever whispering

One by one the moments are opening:  carrying their surprise
Each one holding a tender message from the Maker of the skies
How wonderful it is to imagine what each one could possibly bring
Knowing the value of the present might encourage us all to sing.

Like the very first sparkle of winter that is drifting to the ground
Is the beauty of each second, inside which the Eternal is found
Nothing is ever by chance or fleeting; everything has its time to be
We have only to seek and discover: each day is a tiny mystery

Listen whenever you are arising from the slumber of the night
Hear the secrets of the Eternal: for much is in the morning light
Riding in that breeze so gentle and whispering through the air
Is the wisdom that's   forever: God is present everywhere.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

We are the blessings others are needing

Each day is a miracle and every second is too
So much wonder and awe that we're passing through
Many times unintentional but we walk by unaware
That the blessings others need we're able to share

So lets not be too selfish or revolve around me
Let's see who in our path is needing generosity
For moments pass quickly and hours will fly
We don't want to be  found guilty of ignoring a cry

We are carrying a calling and a meaning within
But it will continue to lie dormant until we begin
To stop taking inventory and clinging to all
Lets not continue resisting the needy who call.

Friday, November 2, 2012

In the early hours of morning

In the early hours of the morning before the sun begins to rise
One can hear the universe waking, can you hear her gentle sighs?
She is sure to soothe your thinking with her whispers soft and clear
And her beauty will inspire you to let the Eternal One draw near

With her quiet sounds so soothing, mother earth will speak to you
Every plant and hill will echo everything she wants them to
Let your mind be ever open and your soul so pure and clean
Then the Spirit who gives her being will reveal all things unseen.

Try to take some time each morning, before the early star appears
To let the sound of all creation to move your heart and soul to tears
It's okay to let those rivers run now, from the deepest part of you
They will calm your entire being so you can do what remains to do

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Picking up the pieces

I'm picking up the pieces of my life scattered around
Yet there are so many blessings just waiting to be found
The storm's left me shaken and my future's so unclear
But I'm still surrounded by caring people drawing near

Tomorrow hasn't come yet and my yesterday's past
But I can use this day for as long as it will last
Rainbows will come out, coloring everything in sight:
Things will be transformed in the beauty of their light.

Nothing is forever: the tears and hurt will pass away
Waiting is never easy but the reward will come some day
Let the bad news of the past become my victory shout today
For I know I'm truly blessed despite the bumps along the way.