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Saturday, October 6, 2012

When children have to run away

The little girl, she was looking for someone to finally understand
And the little boy was hoping that someone would take his shaking hand
They were both running from a place that they were both so very afraid of
And it should have been the only place that they'd run to for needed love

Two little souls just running free into a world they don't even seem to know
How far would their little feet be carrying them; how far would they even go
It's a terrible thing when the little ones don't even feel alright in their own place:
And that they should be afraid to come home from school is a terrible disgrace

Our world is so full of broken ones but how many of them are children so small
Why is it even a reality that these little ones should even have to cry at all
Children are suppose to be our future hope and the caretakers of tomorrow's dream
They should never have to run away from home or hide in some corner and scream.

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