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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We have this urgent need

Inside us we have this urgent need, this inkling that is so Divine:
To be lost inside another space, where time isn't able to confine;
And so we go about seeking for more in all the emptiness that's outside
Not realizing that the treasures that we seek are hidden deep down inside.

How long will we run after all those things that will quickly pass away;
When will we ever become satisfied with that which will forever stay?
Why would we ever allow the world to  boast of having captivated our mind
So that we come to be most at home with all the finite things that we find?

We weren't ever meant to  stay in this place which is endless futility
But we were destined from our very birth to live inside the Divinity.
So why do we hunger after things simply because they have some shine
We are far greater than this all: we are the wisdom of the Great Divine.

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