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Friday, October 5, 2012

Tiny Whispers in the Darkness

Tiny whispers in the darkness from the messengers of the Light
Echoing deeply, reminding sweetly:"everything is going to be alright".
They're so watchful and so faithful; sure to help us along life's way:
If we're prudent and responsive; we'll be known as the glow of day.

Hear them singing from their portals: carefully hidden from eyes below
They're the warriors of the Eternal: hear their music's continuous flow?
Oh the wonder and the pleasure: we're lost in the endless things Divine:
Others marvel at the surrender that has enabled us to become a shrine.

We are the echo from the Heavens; in our lives we continue to go
Wherever the spirit of the Infinite directs us with the inner know.
How important, then, to be listening: how important: the sounds so deep;
For in every whispering, every murmuring: comes the Will of God to keep.

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