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Thursday, October 4, 2012

The mystery of sleep

There is beauty in each moment of our nightly rest
In it is given the energy we need for our earthly test
Through it comes the Whispers that are so truly Divine
We awaken refreshed and like vessels holding sacred wine.

Sometimes we miss out on the wisdom that comes through sleep
And  the evil enemy casts us into some trauma that is so  deep
For we are found fighting the tempests that he throws our way
As an effort to cause some disturbance for our coming day.

So we must prepares ourselves for the nightly rest we will take
And not embrace it like some routine that we must daily make
For it is a channel through which can come the secrets so divine
And by which the  angels carry messages from the heavenly shrine


  1. Sleep is so important and can cause a lot of physical illness/symptoms if you do not have proper deep sleep where the body can heal/restore itself. So true what you express in your poem Blessings.

  2. thank dear Behindthesmile.. sleep is sometimes so lacking though so necessary.. hope you sleep well



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