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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Sometimes the doubt....

Sometimes the doubt comes like a demon
that is raging in the night
It clouds the mind and troubles the heart
and dims our inner sight
It  roars out loud and disturbs our peace
and blocks our will to try
The demon of doubt is a feisty beast
that hardly ever seems to die.

Whenever we're tormented by this beast
that  Satan has let inside
We fear to move or breathe or talk:
our very courage runs outside
We cry, we weep, we struggle to hope:
we question the Heavens above
Moments like this we fear the worst
and experience what hell is made of.

Like the  seasons of time that come to pass
these moments will have to go
Don't give up the hope that's deep inside
cling tightly to the God you know
Don't be afraid of the "not knowing land"
in which you may seem to be
For beyond  the darkness of all this doubt
is the Creator of you and me


  1. Thank you, I needed to read this at the moment. Blessings.

  2. Dear Behind The Smile . .many times I need to read it and hear what I am writing and other times its an inspiration to write for someone else.. always. .am so happy that someone finds something in my writings that they can benefit from ..

    Love Joy


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