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Monday, October 1, 2012

Peaceful murmurings

Peaceful murmurings from the universe awaken everything around
And gentle creatures sing their melodies what a beautiful sound
worldly musings all pail quickly before this symphony so divine
Truly  moving and transforming : all the earth becomes a shrine

No need for music from the radio or tv sounds to touch the mind
For mother earth has hid her messages in all the beauty that we find
If we will pause for just a moment as we're starting off our day
We will hear the sounds of creation it has so much it wants to say

Don't hurry off into the motions without taking time to be very still
For in the silence of your inner being God is whispering to your will
Reminding you of all things beautiful and the secrets of His way
Never let the sound of money replace the meaning of each Day.

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