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Monday, October 29, 2012

Nothing is more important

The spirits of the universe rouse me from my sleep
And whisper come and see all the secrets that we keep
For before the light of day before the blowing breeze
We have spoken with the One Who gives all life and frees

Quiet now your footsteps and be gentle along the way
we have so much to tell you and we have so much to say
Be not too quick in movement and be not rushing through
There's a stillness that is needed deep inside of you.

Hush now all your thinking; breathe in the purest air
Be one with all around you  and of your being be aware
Listen to your heartbeat and feel your soul within
Let the rythm of the universe help you to begin.

Nothing is more important and nothing is more dear
Than having that inner freedom that enables you to hear
The whispering of the Eternal, the voices of the Divine
Let go of all that keeps you from Eternity's lasting shine.

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